Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting into the Holiday Spirit!

Well i think i am in full holiday swing and i am loving every minute of it!!! i have been baking nearly everyday (which reminds me i gotta put another batch of cookies in the oven). I have my house all decorated and i have been making crafts and wrapping presents!! i just love this time of year! What are some of the things that get you into the holiday spirit? For me it is a mixture of things.

Downtown Seattle: I always try and make it to downtown Seattle during this time of year, ever since i was going to school at the art institute. It is a sure fire way to get you into the right mood! This year i made it downtown with my girlfriends. We spent a lovely day shopping, ice skating, riding carousels. We ended the day with a yummy dinner at the Cheesecake factory and then watched the 3D movie A Christmas Carol in IMAX. it was a pretty perfect day!

Christmas Movies: Of course everyone loves a good Christmas movie during this time of the year but i think i have gone a bit Christmas movie CRAZY! i typically have nothing on but the hallmark channel, yes i even watch the really horrible movies with the terrible acting. The first Christmas movie i watched this year while setting up all the decorations was "A Christmas Story". Typically I'm not really a fan of that movie but it was the only one we had at the moment. My ALL TIME favorite Christmas movie that i try and see every year is a movie that hardly anyone has heard about but is really great is "One Magic Christmas"! it was lucky enough to catch it on the hallmark channel and watched the first showing then also set my DVR to record the second showing! you should try and watch it some time it really helps you learn the spirit of Christmas!

Baking: i absolutely LOVE baking during this time of year! i bake as much as i can then i divide it all up and give it all away to friends and family! it is a really fun way to give gifts to everyone you care about without having to worry about getting something they'll like! I have discovered that the thrift store next to my house sells old baking tins for .50 cents so i stocked up last year and i did again this year. I'm so excited to have all the baking done so i can deliver all the goodies to my friends at my old store!

There are so many more little things... like shopping and hearing Christmas music where ever i go. I love seeing Christmas lights on the side of the road and seeing people decked out in christmas garb like sweaters/hats/ear rings etc.

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