Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lovers Beware

We have all heard about scammers but we never really think about these things ever happening to us right? Much less on a dating web site as well known as Well I have a friend who was lured in with thoughts of soul mates and true love only to be asked to send $5400 dollars to another country over western union.

This story is all kinds of crazy and I knew there was something fishy about it the moment she told me about it but I didn't really know what would happen. My friend is a middle aged women and she explores of several dating websites, meeting people to talk with and get to know. She is a women who wears her heart on her sleeve. Her daughter all grown up and out of the house she is enjoying the dating scene for the first time and so meeting men on these dating web sites has become a little hobby for her.

Well she met this one man on and they quickly learned to enjoy talking to each other. He said he was in the military over sea's in Afghanistan. He told her stories of working with a orphanage and planning to adopt a little girl there. He even sent candid pictures of himself (a typical 50 something white male) tale gating and even with the girl he was thinking of adopting. He told her so many wonderful things about how he loved her and he called honey all the time. He was constantly on the computer waiting to talk to her. As a women on a dating web site, who wouldn't enjoy this attention?

She wanted to send him a care package cause after all he is a military man over sea's. He told her that the best way to get the package to him is through a personal delivery man who would personally deliver the package to him since the postal mail was slow and unreliable. He also requested a teddy bear to give the the girl he was going to adopt. She had to pay a fee of $50 in order to get the package to him but it all seemed to go very smoothly.

He then mentioned that he felt like he could trust her and wanted to send her a package to take care of while he was over sea's. In this package was over a million dollars, a necklace and a ring. He said that once he was back home he would come and get the package from her but that he didn't trust keeping it over with him. He said he got the money while over sea's for house sitting for a man who works in diamonds.

This is where the story got a bit sketchy for me when she told me. I wasn't sure what was going to happen with this package but I was thinking it was going to be something very illegal. So many things came to mind, like the package was going to arrive and she was going to be killed for it. Or that it was going to be filled with drugs. Or the FBI was tracking it and once it was in her possession she would be arrested. I told her flat out I thought this was sketchy but I think by this point she semi-trusted him and kinda wanted to see how the whole thing would play out. She even told me she planned to take out the money and count it when it arrived for fun.

The package was sent and she was continuing to talk to this man mostly over instant messaging but he would also send her e-mails that were beautiful and loving.

"Hello Honey,
         I know there's an ocean between us,and I wish that it weren't true,for every day when I arise,I yearn to be with you.Though a lot of distance lies between us,you'll always be in my mind and my heart,And every night beneath the stars,I pray for the day we'll never be part.Every day I will be thinking about you."

Well the day after the package was sent and she gets an e-mail from the delivery guy "Mr. Justice" That he had been detained, leaving the country, for money laundering. He said he wasn't aware of what was in the package. He said that he was being held and needed her to contact him via email to be able to figure out what they were going to do.



She talked to Mr military man about the situation and found out that Mr Justice needed $5400 sent western union to him in order to get the package released. He used lot of guilt trips on her:

"honey this is getting so hard on him now.."
"Honey do you want him to be jailed or what.??"
" Honey if you know me very well..My Friends are who i work with and i lost my only best friend when we were in Iraq i haven't told you about it before.."
"Honey you do all you can to get Mr Justice the money so that he can be released ok.."
"as soon as he deliver the box to you then you take the money out and pay it back ok.."

Luckily my friend knew by now that this was all a ploy and that there wasn't really a package and that it was all a scam. She did want to see just how far this scammer would go however, so she continued to talk to him and even called him out. I had googled just a line of one of him e-mails and ended up finding the exact e-mail line for line on this scammers web site: Pig Busters. He used more guilt on her when she did this asking her if she didn't trust him and if she was calling him a liar.

It amazes me the lengths that these scammers will go to get their money. The scammer continued to talk with my friend for over a week longer. They would talk about regular day to day things but he would always continue to bring up Mr. Justice and ask my friend how she was coming up with the money.

Seeing this scam play out the entire way through really made me think of all the poor lonely women who might have fallen victim to such a scam. The scammers have chosen a place like to target the lonely people of the world and it sickens me. I knew I just had to write a blog about this so that other people would know about this particular scam and hopefully be able to recognize it if it happens to them or someone they know.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: Spring Tag

This is a fun tag going around YouTube created by MissGlamorazzi. It's all about spring! I'm excited to do this, but beware, I am not that hip on the latest trends but I'm going to fill this out as best I can.

The Questions!
1. Favorite spring nail polish? 340 Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme wear nail color line. I spotted this in my friends nail polish collection and I just knew I had to wear it for Easter!

2. What is your must-have lip color this spring?  This question is a bit out of my league. I have gone most of my life with a bit of a fear of lip stick or any real lip color. I'm just starting to entertain the idea of wearing lip sticks. I really enjoyed seeing girls with a red lip and I would love to find a lip stain to try out in a safe first-timer red.

3. Show us your favorite spring dress! Well seeing as I am still in maternity pants I haven't been doing much shopping and so I haven't seen many clothes. I did take a peek at the Forever 21 website and found this High-Low Chiffon Cover Up Dress for $19.80. I have loved seeing these dresses that are short in the front longer in the back and I think this would be a dress I would really enjoy wearing. Yes, I know it's a cover up, whateva!

4. What's your favorite flower? My favorite all time flower is the Gerber daisy. It's such a happy flower. I love the structure of the flower. I once had a Gerber daisy plant that had two flowers stuck together, I called them my Siamese flowers. I absolutely loved that plant and I proudly displayed it by my front door until one day when a neighbor stole my plant and smashed it in the parking lot. I was devastated. WHO DOES THAT?!

5. Favorite spring scarf/accessory? Spring is the time where I can finally break out Capri pants and flip flops. I gotta admit I feel most like myself wearing this combo, I wore them for the first time the other day and I felt like a million bucks.

6. What spring trend(s) are you most excited about this year? (Makeup, fashion or both!) Shockingly I'm really loving the neon colors that have come out this spring. Now, I'm not so sure how comfortable I would actually be wearing neon but I think it would be fun to try it out in small splashes maybe.

7. Favorite spring candle? Yet another thing I am not up to date on, but I have had my eye's on the summer candle line at Bath and Body Works. The three wick candles are on my to buy list.

8. Favorite body spray/perfume for spring? I'm going to stick with my go-to scent that I currently have in my bathroom; Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works.

9. What is spring like where you live? Well the third day of spring we got about an inch and a half of snow, but, typically our spring is just a big rain fest. I constantly tell myself  "April showers bring May flowers" even well into May or sometimes June.

10. What's your favorite thing about spring? My absolute favorite thing about spring is the fact that the days are longer! During the winter it is so depressing having so few hours of daylight that once the days get longer it really lifts my spirit!

11. Are you a spring cleaner? I'm not a spring cleaner but a year round cleaner. I hate clutter so I constantly am getting rid of old things and keeping things organized.

12. Any plans for spring break or an upcoming vacation? Unfortunately I don't have any real vacation time till September because of my maternity leave but I am celebrating both Mat's and Tara's birthday in April and I think I'll be able to enjoy a good amount of time in Seattle and I will be pretending it is a vacation.

So this is my Spring tag! I am going to tag my good friend Kristin over at Cupcakes and Cosmo's and anyone of you guys who would like to try this out. Leave me a comment with a link to your Spring tag cause I'd love to see your answers!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Mommy Monday: What's in Sloane's Easter Basket

Sloane's first Easter is just under a week away and I finished her first Easter basket today. Of course she is really to young to get any real enjoyment out of her Easter basket so it is mostly filled with useful items for the coming months.

We got her a  munchkin fresh food net feeder. I've heard great things about these things and I'm excited to see her enjoy some frozen fruits and veggies in it. Got this at Walmart for about $2.95.

Also got Plum Dispensing Spoon for easy on the go eating of the baby food in pouches. I got this at target for about $4 I think.  To go along with that I got just one pack of Etta's kitchen apples baby food for 4 months and up for $1.

We actually got some Beaba baby spoons from a friend that she never used so I threw those in to the basket as well.

Also got two pretty cheap bibs from the Target dollar section that are Easter themed. One says "My 1st Easter" and the other says "Mommy's Little Bunny". I figure I don't really need to spend big bucks on a Easter bib when she'll only be wearing it that day.

Also got a cute Child of Mine by Carters spring outfit from Walmart for $7.94. It's yellow white and pink. She doesn't really have any yellow clothes. I'm excited for the weather to get a bit warmer so we don't have to bundle her up so much all the time.

Of course no Easter basket is complete without a few toys. Mat picked her up a duck stuffed animal that sings "surfing bird" made famous from his favorite show Family guy. It's was on sale for $15.00 at Safeway but he had a $10 off coupon so he actually only paid $5. Also I got a little wind up bunny with a bow tie for .98 cents at Walmart. I'm sure Sloane will have a blast watching it.

Finally we got just a simple wicker basket to hold all her goods. It was $1.97 at Walmart. I didn't think it was a good idea to get the grass for her basket this young cause that stuff is just going to go straight to her mouth.

So overall we paid $24.86 and I think it turned out to be a pretty successful basket. I know that people might think it's silly that I made her an Easter basket but I just love being festive and I like to make things feel special. We live on a budget so I don't have the money to go all out and buy the fancy goodies but I think I did pretty good and spent under $25.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: March Ipsy Bag

Got my Ipsy bag actually a week ago but I had to do my review blog before I did my reveal for the new bag (duh)

The bag this month is a very fun anchor/rope/strip print in navy blue and white. It is for sure my favorite bag I have gotten so far. Great way to start the water front strolling season. ( I don't have a boat so I just admire while walking by)

Product #1: Juice Beauty Hydrating mist 1 fl oz worth $3.25 (based on the 6.75 oz cost of $22) 20% off coupon code Product description: Tone with this refreshing blend of rosehip, ylang ylang, resveratrol grapeseed oil and antioxidant-rich organic juices for a fresh complexion. First impression: I have a friend who said she thinks it stinks but I don't really have a problem with the smell. When I sprayed it on my face it felt/smelled fresh to me. I'm excited to try something I would NEVER would have bought but maybe it will be a new fav.

Product #2: Glam Rx Z palette $8.25. This isn't the full palette they sell on the website for $16.50 so I figured that this was approximately half the value. 20% off coupon code  Product description: This is a small magnetic palette that holds eye shadows that don't come in their own case (I don't know the technical term for those) It is about 3.5 in by 2.5 in and has a mirror.  First Impression: This is something I'm very excited about. I actually had been thinking about getting one of these magnetic palettes so that I could buy just the eye shadow insert things.

Product #3: LA Fresh Makeup Remover wipes $3.36. They sell these in a box of 48 singles for $19.99 so I figured what 8 are worth. 30% off coupon code Product description: Instantly dissolves even heavy duty makeup with silky, lite-touch formula. First impression: I guess you could say they smell like baby wipes but that doesn't bother me. The wipe its self is soft and durable.

Product #4: Yaby eye shadow, two colors $6.30. I don't know the exact size we got but they look similar to the one's on the web site for $3.15 each. 25% off coupon code Product description: I got "sand dune" a matte tan color and "so vein" a teal greenish color. First impression: excited that I got a neutral along with a color. I'm excited to try out the teal which is very pigmented. The tan on the other hand seems a bit more difficult to get color from.

Total Value= $21.16 plus the bag... Almost half the value the past two bags were.

Over all I can understand how some people might be disappointed with this months bag. Luckily I don't have many beauty products so anything is exciting for me and it's still worth more than double what I paid.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mommy Monday: The effects on my body

It has been almost 4.5 months after having Sloane. At first everything was to be expected, bleeding, tired, soar, less muscle from being on bed rest etc. Well now I am getting into some effects that I wasn't really aware of.

The worst I have encountered is my hair loss. I knew I would loss more hair after giving birth because I didn't lose any while pregnant but wow I didn't expect to feel like I'm going bald! It all started around three months when I noticed my hair was falling out more. It didn't really seem too bad, probably just back to the amount of hair I used to lose when I wasn't prego. Then I started noticing that my hair was absolutely everywhere. As a women I have gotten used to a certain amount of my hair being found around the house but it has gotten out of control. I spent 10 minutes picking hair off my fleece then lint brushing it only to find more hairs to be pulled off once I put it on. It has started to worry me a bit thinking that Sloane could possibly choke on a piece of my hair.

Not only am I finding hairs absolutely everywhere but I just noticed today that my hair line is thinning. Now this is horrifying! It is the two top sides of my hair line, (if that makes sense) kinda like the area that thins to form a widows peak I think. Right now it is pretty noticeable to me but I haven't pointed it out to anyone else so I'm interested in seeing how noticeable it is to others. It's weird cause it kinda looks like little baby fuzzy hairs in these areas. I'm worried to take a closer look to see if any other areas of my hair are thinning. I afraid to put my hair into any tight pony tail in fear of pulling out anymore hairs from my hair line.

I am still taking my prenatal vitamins so I didn't think this would happen so badly. Today I deep conditioned my hair with Joico K-Pac Deep Penetrating Reconstructor that I mentioned in a previous Beauty Wise Wednesday blog. I'm not sure how to combat this hair loss problem but I really want to get on top of it before it gets too bad.

Do you have any suggestions on what I can go to reduce the amount of hair I'm losing. What about how to control all the hair I have around my house and on my clothes?

Also what kinds of crazy post baby things have you had to deal with? Anything else exciting I have to look forward to?

Thursday, March 14, 2013

LATE Beauty Wise Wednesday: February Ipsy Bag Review

Hey guys! Sorry this blog post is a day late. I choose to be with a friend who lost her father yesterday over blogging. Also this post will be without pictures due to time.
Here is my review of last months Ipsy bag. Overall I was very happy with the bag and I'm excited to show you what is in this months bag next week!!
Product #1: Coastal Scents “In The Spotlight” eye shadow pallet: Single color is .04oz for $1.99 at The sample is .07oz so worth about $4 *Product includes: Dark Goldenrod, Sunbeam, Golden Globe and Dark Golden Olive.
Review: Totally loved these eye shadows. They are very pigmented and last a good amount without any primer. I used these colors mixed with my other eye shadows and I just loved them and used them almost daily this month. I defiantly want to purchase.
Product #2: Pixi flawless and poreless primer: 1.01oz is $29.00 on The sample is .5oz so worth about $15 *Product description: Pore minimizing face primer, oil free, hydrating, hypoallergenic, for all skin types.
Review: I only used this a couple times this month but from what I could tell this was a pretty nice primer. I'm no expert however and I've only used one other primer in my life. I liked that it was light and not greasy. It didn't really have a smell and it did seem to help my make up stay on a bit longer.
Product #3: Pop Beauty mascara in smokey black kapow!!: .21oz 9.99 on is .17 oz so worth about $5. *No description on the product.
Review: Now I might be a weirdo but I prefer the hard old school brush that came with this mascara compared to the plastic type one's I've been getting in mascara's lately. I did get a bit of raccoon eyes by the end of the day however so I'm thinking I want to change up to waterproof mascara in hopes to avoid flaking.
Product #4: Mica Beauty Ultra Smooth Gel Eyeliners: sample seems to be full size but doesn’t come with the brush. $30 on I'd say the sample is maybe worth $20 without the brush. *This product also doesn't have a description.
Review: LOVED this eye liner! I really like to get a fine line for my daily make up and it was so easy with this eye liner. It was also nice cause I was able to put it on with just one hand (important when I have to hold Sloane while putting on make up) I find with the pencil liners I need to hold my eye still with my other hand. I did leave it open over night one night and it seemed to dry out a little bit but I kinda moved my brush around in it and it came back to life. A YouTuber I follow; Allie, actually put up a tutorial on how to do perfect eyeliner with gel liner. I haven't tried it out yet but I'm excited to!
Product #5: Lash Card: 10 cards are $6.99 on Sample came with 4 lash cards valuing about $2.80 *Product Description: Ideal for: separating lashes, layering mascara, hard to reach lashes, bottom lashes. Helps prevent: clumping and smudging.
Review: I attempted to used these two separate times. I never quite figured out how to used them. It was just so awkward and unnecessary. I don't know who would use these, it makes doing mascara harder I think.
So this is my second Ipsy bag I have gotten and I am so happy with the products I have gotten so far with exception of probably the Lash Cards. I definatly say you guys should sign up if you are wanting to try new beauty products but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg trying stuff.
(I am in no way paid to endorse Ipsy. I just think it's a very fun service that I think people don't really know about.)

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mommy Monday: Other mommy blogs

Hey guys, I'm back from an off week. I'm not sure what happened last week but I just didn't realize which day was which. I did post some short blogs to make up for those I missed but I'm back on track and ready to blog again!

I wanted to introduce you to a couple of blogs that I found a few years ago that I enjoy following. Now I am not hip on the Top 10 Mommy blogs nor am I in the cool circle of mommy bloggers. I randomly found these blogs and I enjoy seeing their adventures of becoming mommies and I like seeing their decorating ideas and stuff too.

First blog I found probably 4 years ago is The Glamorous Life of a Housewife. This mommy blogger, Whitney, blogs about her doctor husband "Husby" and her two adorable son's Levi and Ezra.  Now I don't relate to a lot of what she blogs about but I respect her closeness to her family. I love how she makes everything special, you should see what she did for her two sons for Valentine's Day. Now I can't afford to go all out like she does but my family knows I love to go above and beyond to make things special. I hope that I can do that for Sloane as she grows up.

Second blog I want to mention is Tales of the Trees. This mommy blogger is named Megan and she blogs about her husband Luke and their son Eli. This is a blog I relate to a little bit more. They have some struggles and she is a bit awkward. The way she rights is with such humor that I frequently find myself laughing out loud to her blog posts.

It's funny because my lifestyle is a far cry from theirs. Mat and I aren't married, we BOTH work 40 hours a week in retail and we live a simple life in a little apartment in Bothell, Wa. We don't attend church or really have religious beliefs in our home but I still we have a strong family bond that makes me able to relate to their blogs.

I kinda hope that my blog will reach people that maybe aren't those typical mommy blogger family but still want to read about family and love.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sloane is 4 months old!!!

To Our Darling Daughter,

You are now four months old and you are continuing to change everyday. You did so great at your 4 month check up. You weigh 14lbs 11oz and you are 26 1/4 inches long which is taller than 98% of babies your age. You're going to be tall like your daddy.

You discovered your feet this month! You always have them in your hands, until you roll onto your tummy of course. It's just the cutest thing to see you holding your feet.

We also went on your first full day outing this month. I took you for a girls day at the NW Women's Show with your aunties. You did so amazing all day, not fussing once. Everyone there said you were the cutest baby and couldn't believe you weren't already 6 months because you are so big.

We fall in love with your every time we look at you and can't believe how big your getting! Let's see what the next month brings us!

Love you lots

Mommy and Daddy

Monday, March 4, 2013

Mommy Monday: Teething begins

So it begins, Sloane had started teething! We gave her a teething ring a couple of weeks ago just to see how she reacts and she loved it and that was our first sign of her teething. Well along with the nonstop drooling! Little did we know what was ahead of us.

Yesterday we spent the day in Seattle as a family and she just seemed fussy even though we fed her and she slept. I thought that it was because she had gotten worn out at the NW Women's Show the day before but when she woke up today she was even more fussy.

She kept chewing on anything she could get her hands on. I gave her a teething ring again and she loved it. I felt her gums and I'm pretty sure that I felt a small little tooth breaking through. It looks like a tiny little pin prick of white in her gum right now on her lower front right side. I got pretty excited when I felt it. I can't imagine how adorable her little smile will look with teeth.

In my attempts to calm Sloane down I posted about her teething on Facebook and asked for any advice people had to offer. I love getting advise from other parents. Things I tried today was a frozen wash cloth, teething ring, infant Tylenol and Hyland Baby teething tablets. Much to my surprise the teething tablets sparked a little bit of controversy.

A few friends commented suggesting the Hyland teething tablets and my friend Linnea followed up with a comment about the tablets causing babies hearts to stop. Her comment was then followed up with a previous commenter saying that Linnea was using scare tactics about the tablets and she didn't have any facts to back up the the accusation. Now I do know that the tablets have been recalled, but they have come back onto the market and of course they have improved whatever it was that caused them to be recalled. As much as I trust Linnea's opinion I had heard so many good things about the tablets to not give them a try.

I don't think we have used them enough to say for sure if they work well but she was able to get to sleep for a nap and for bed so I'd say that is a good sign. I'm not really sure why but I feel more comfortable about giving her these tabs over giving her Tylenol so I really hope these end up working.

Another thing that people recommended that I think I'm going to check out is the Amber necklaces. These are necklaces that people swear by that I guess help relieve pain. I'm a little nervous about her wearing a necklace but I think I'll look into them some more.

So do you guys have any more advice to add? I can always take advise so I know what all my options are when deciding what to do for my child.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

No time for a Saturday post

I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday! I spent all day at the NW women's show and then all day today at pikes place. Here are some pictures of my women's show loot as well as a couple adorable pictures of sloane!