Monday, August 31, 2009

Laura's Bridal Shower

LAST Sunday was laura's bridal shower. her sister in law (and also bridesmaid) Tiffany threw it for her and did an absolutely amazing job at it! Kinda makes me nervous to throw the batchelorette party... it so won't be able to compare! She got the most amazing flower cupcakes to go with the luau theme. There were sandwiches and other yummy foods. it was fun to be able to meet the rest of laura's family. She also made out with A LOT of loot! i lost count on how many lingerie things she got. She also got a bunch of beach things that will go well for her honeymoon. My favorite part was that everyone brought a recipe card with an easy recipe for Laura to make!

I'm pretty sure the party was all she could have hopped for and i'm pretty sure she wasn't too embarrassed being the center of attention the whole time (she was worried about that beforehand)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

my busy week has come to an end

Well as i said in my last post this week was super busy! Sunday was the bridal shower, tuesday the girls moved two blocks from me, thursday was my day with laura and we had a girls night out, and then sat~sun we were camping! every other day i worked. I'm a bit tired and sunburned to write about it all now but i hope to get a few of the posts done tomorrow! here are a few pictures for yo u to enjoy!
us at the truller... about to head homelaura's showerme riding the bull at cowgirls inc

Friday, August 21, 2009

early morning blogging

After working 10 days in a row i finally have the day off and guess what i woke up at 6 am... and that was after going to sleep at 2am. I'm hoping to catch a nap later today! Not really sure why i woke up but the reason i couldn't get back to sleep is because i was thinking about all the things i have to do. A lot for it has to do with the batchelorette party i am throwing and i don't even know why i feel like i have to get things done today because the party isn't for two weeks. i am pretty excited about the party and just hope it turns out as fabulous as i picture it being... i would love to spill my guts about all the plans but i know that the bride (HI LAURA!) reads my blog.

Also things i have to get done today is for the BBQ i decided to throw. No real reason just that we had a HUGE box of ribs in the freezer taking up too much space so i decided to cook them all up and call it a BBQ. i think it will pretty fun. I'm getting excited! But i have a lot of cooking to do for it. i also decided i wanted to make my grams famous Luau pork. that takes 4 hrs in the oven... then the ribs take 2-3 hrs in the oven as well... i plan to make the pork first then keep it warm in the crock pot while the ribs cook. i am trying to spend as little money as possible which is hard for me because i want to have everything. i would love to make my potato salad and mac and cheese and have beer and mikes and tons of chips and pop but i have decided i am only making the meats. everyone else can bring other things. This is hard for me as the controlling one i am.

Also more updates on my life i have started to see a shrink which is a new thing for me. i have always known some time in my life i would need to see one (with an alcoholic mom and an absent father) The reason i finally decided to go is when i decided i was depressed. it was getting in the way of my relationship with mat and my friends. I want to do everything in my power to have healthy mind set so i don't cause unnecessary drama and hopefully have a happy life. I started to see a lot of my mom in myself and as much as i love my mom that scared me. She has a lot of things in her past she has never dealt with and they seem to still haunt her. this is what i believe is why she drinks. i don't want to turn out dwelling on things in my life now when i am fifty years old. i want to look back on my life and be proud and smile at all the wonderful memories i have made!

Other then these things nothing else too exciting is going on. next week is a busy one because of the wedding shower, Tara and Kristin are moving two blocks from me (so damn excited!) i am spending the day with Laura, and then finally camping once again on Saturday night! So hopefully i will be blogging more often then i have been but we will see... I'm not making any promises

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mountainview Blueberry Farm

Well my mom and grandma were planning on going blueberry picking and they called to invite me. lucky i had three days off in a row with nothing to do so i was more then a little happy that i was able to fill some of that time with my family. I met them at my moms house and we all piled in the car with my dad Jeff and we headed to the farm. Amazingly it was very far away. as we pulled up my grandmother was amazed at how many people were there and she was worried that all the blueberries would be gone... she is quite the dramatic lady like me! we got our buckets and followed the signs that said u pick area. when we first go there i was lost as to which were the best blueberries so i just picked everything that was blue. it turns out u should hunt for the biggest blueberries. i didn't have enough patience for that so i just grabbed handfuls of the berries and quickly my bucket was close to full. we spent about 30 minute picking blueberries and came out with quite a bit, so all the blueberries weren't gone.
When we checked out we also got a few recipes that we could try with out blueberries so i chose to make the blueberry crisp. i stopped at Safeway on my way home and bough all that i needed. it turned out really great and i ended up eating the whole thing by myself! mat's weird and didn't think it sounded good! his loss!

finally getting around to it

Ok well i am finally putting my thinking cap on and i am going blog a little bit. i don't know what it is but when i sit down at the computer it seems so overwhelming to write out a blog. i think it is because i try to explain every detail of everything and so it takes time to think up things to write.

So let me tell you about our last camping trip to the truller. It was so nice because all my bestest girlfriends were able to come! it was Debbie's first time at the truller! this was also an exciting trip because Laura had just bought her own truller. Her truller isn't as big as her parents but it has a covered area as well as a very nice fire pit! we spent two nights and about two days there. it was not super sunny but nice enough that we were able to go ski dooing and swim nearly all day. i really enjoyed floating in an inter tube for hours with a mikes in my hand. it was really a relaxing trip. also a bit of Laura's family came up (her mom, bro sister in law and niece and nephew) They were fun to hang out with and who isn't entertained by babies... so cute!

Debbie was really enjoying herself as she walked along the dock with her bottle of Gin and her coke chaser. it was too funny to watch her surf on the dock, from the waves the ski doos made! she really enjoyed the peacefulness of the lake and ofter wondered off alone just to sit and look out over the lake. we of course made sure to check on her from time to time.

Over all it was a really great trip and it was nice to hang with all my girls and Laura's family. i love Tiffany (mother of two sex pot!) She is another bridesmaid with me for Laura's wedding. I discovered that she was younger then me and that made me a bit upset thinking she is already married with two kids! ggrrr! lol

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

truller advanture and blue berry picking

oh by the title you would actually think i am writing a good blog... well you would be wrong... i did both these thing last week but i am too tired right now to blog about them so this is my advertisement for blogs that are yet to come!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

a new tubing adventure gone wrong

Well on the day that Seattle reached record setting highs making it up to 105 degreees in some areas we Debbie and i decided we should go tubing! We decided on the Cedar River in Renton, WA. we picked up her little siblings Doug and Val and drove down to Debbie's house in Renton. After Debbie quickly changed and we picked up her husband Dan, we headed to grab some dinner and then to the river. We hadn't done a non-planned trip down a river and didn't really know what to exspect. We hopped into our tubed and started down the river. it was amazing how many people were already on the river, it must be a pretty popular place to go on hot days! we started off well like a little nervous because we were unfamiliar with the river. soon after we began we got separated from her 13 yr old brother Doug. then we had so many obsticals we had to get over and around. a couple times we had to go UNDER large trees that had fallen on over the river. everyone flipped their tube at least once. Debbie got caught in a current that brought her over to a tree that tipped her over, her tube went flying and Debbie went under. then she was stuck on a branch un able to move out of fear and she couldn't reach the bottom of the river. Val was able to get over to her and swim her back to safety. Debbie was pretty freaked out after that (understandably) but i am pretty proud that she made it through the rest of the trip pretty well even if i did have to hold onto her raft the whole time. after a few other ehausting moments we floated pretty calmly to the end of the river. we even past a house that was having a party. They had a sign up that said topless tubing only so guess what i did... i flashed them... it was a full on flash or anything but boy did they get a kick out of it! they were so happy their sign worked lol. All this time we still hadn't found Doug and were constantly asking people if they had seem him. quite a few people said they had seen him so we kept going and made it all the way to our car. once we got there we didn't find Doug! we were all pretty worried by this time because it was pretty much dark outside and we didn't really know what to do. we had all our phones in the other car so we quickly packed up our things and hopped in my car to drive back to our other car. as we were driving we were looking on the side of the road in hopes to spot Doug and lucky enough we did! he had been waiting for us for probably somewhere close to an hr. he was also smart enough to borrow peoples phones to call Debbie and Vals cell phone and left messages so even if we hadn't found him we would have.
Needless to say we will probably never float that river again and i don't think Debbie really enjoyed herself much but it was a great way to beat the heat!