Thursday, March 26, 2009

Let me introduce... Debbie!

So many of you might has noticed i have been hanging out with a new girl lately... well she isn't really new to me but we have been hanging out a lot lately and it doesn't ONLY have to do with our mutual love.... no obsession... with twilight! Debbie and i go way back!

I moved to Kirkland and to Lake Washington High school in the middle of our Sophomore year. it was a difficult time for me... i hadn't gone to my last school for over a month because i had no friends and i felt like a complete outcast. i was pretty excited to be going to a new school and be able to start over with people i hadn't grown up with my whole life. I cried my first day at school while i made my mom walk me to my first class. I am not out going so it took me a while of eating lunch alone in the hallway then hiding in the library before i made ANY friends. Debbie had International Cuisine with me and we were paired in the same cooking group. We talked and got along right away... I'm pretty sure i noticed something backstreet boys on her and that's what got the ball rolling! after a while she asked me where i sat during lunch and i told her i usually spent it in the library... She then INSISTED that i eat lunch with her and her friends! the rest is history

we instantly became best friends. we were inseparable in high school... some people might even have thought we were annoying! I got at job at Safeway thanks to her and we worked together all the time... constantly getting in trouble for talking too much. We shared the ability to want to have fun and do crazy things all the time... we constantly were walking somewhere until i got my license and a car. .then we drove EVERYWHERE! we went to many concerts together and shared many obsessions! everything from the backstreet boys to our all country phase where it was all country all the time and the summer we went to tons of concerts at the gorge. We loved listening to music and singing along... dancing on the hood of my cars!

After high school a lot changed in both of our lives and we kinda drifted apart but we were always friends. We both went and lived our lives she got into a serious relationship with her now husband and i went through a clubbing phase.Now that we are both settled down a bit and can breath again we are remembering all the great times we have had together.

it is funny because when i tell people about Debbie they cant seem to imagine Debbie doing the things i say. She is a small soft spoken girl most of the time but she has a HUGE personality that comes bursting out when she feels comfortable! She knows how to make things fun and she loves things with her whole heart! She has her own unique views of the world which makes her a real crack up! we can go on hrs long road trips and all i will have to do is listen and she could talk for hours! She is an amazingly giving person who would help anyone if they asked her to (even sometimes when they don't ask) even if she doesn't get a single thing in return. Sometimes i worry that people take advantage of her but she is just too happy to help and wouldn't want it any other way.

Right now she is going through somethings that no women at her age should have to go through and i can't imagine what she must feel everyday. this is my time to help her in anyway i can... even if all i can do is give her someone to hang out with! She deserves the world and i hope that she will start thinking of herself a little more because it is a good thing to be a LITTLE selfish.

we are just a little obsessed!

Well i am here to report that Debbie and I a fully and completely obsessed with twilight! It is just too much fun to become complete geeks and even a little bit stockerish!

We went to Forks yet again last Friday for the released party for Twilight! It was so much fun! The town was completely over run by twi-hards! We packed up the mini van we rented with junk food and made our way to forks. Stayed in a hotel that was completely booked! The party was planned to start at 10 am so we headed to the one grocery store to grab some dinner! We ate and had a few drinks and then walked down to the party... it had a line out and around the block. Once 10 came they started letting people in and they reached capacity within 5 minutes so we had to wait in line for people to come out before we could go in... luckily we came prepared and had yummy 'sprite" to make line fun and entertaining! It didn't seem like we waited too long when we finally made it inside! The room was small but they had a DJ and a table full of cookies and snacks. They pulled Debbie up in front of everyone and sang happy birthday to Debbie which was pretty funny because when they announced her name she was 8 years older then the four other people who were having their birthday also! we watch the dancers from the tribe which i thought was pretty amazing but everyone else thought was pretty boring! After that we headed back down stairs to stand in line again so Debbie could buy her copy of the Twilight DVD! this process was a bit disorganized but she made it in and out pretty quick and then we headed back to our hotel! Overall we had a really great night!
The next day we woke up checked out of the hotel and went to breakfast (after being ditched by the 17yr old boys we were so nice to bring with us). After breakfast we headed out to explore the town and see all the twilight hot spots! YES Debbie and i have already seen them all so we acted as tour guides to Kathy and Kristin! it was once again a really nice and sunny day.. we really luck out when we go up there!

So now we are heading to Vancouver this weekend because they are currently filming New Moon up there and we have heard about a bunch of spotting's of the stars! Debbie's big goal is to meet and have an affair with Robert Pattinson! We think we follow him on twitter and it is pretty fun because he has been posting pictures and stuff.. .this morning he went to Denny's for breakfast! to funny...

And for all you people who think we are crazy we do realize that we are likely not going to see them and we have a plan to go shopping and go out to dinner and have drinks so this isn't a completely wasted trip! i promise!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a couple updates

Well it feel like it had been forever since i have written about anything that is really important in my life... i have a couple updates

*first of all i failed my RLD test... this was the test that would lead me into management training at Safeway. It is a pretty general test that is there to access your management skills. I could have gone either way at to the way if felt as if i would pass or not so i wasn't too surprised when i got my failure notice! It is a test that isn't unlikely to fail the first time you take it so i don't feel too stupid for failing. I just would have liked to pass the first time so i wouldn't have to go through it again. But the test had bad timing i would have hated to move on when i wasn't ready and end up feeling over-whelmed. I now have a road map to complete and follow as well as meeting with my manager in able to set up a mentor for me. I hope to learn a lot in the next yr.

*Second is an update on my new job as MEDS coordinator. I basically change over all the ends of the ailes each week for the new Ad that comes out. This job so far had been pretty easy for me and i usually got everything done ahead of schedule and found myself bored... but this week has been an exception! i was so sick yesterday that i only worked four hrs then went home early to sleep all day long and hope to regain my voice. today i came into work and became completely overwhelmed. i was convinced that i wasn't going to finish and that everything was going to be wrong and that i wouldn't have the product for the end! i seriously just wanted to quit.. throw in the towel.. it took all i could to not break down and cry today! But i made it through the day (without a single break might i add) and came home a collapsed! i have a lot to get done by tomorrow but i think I'll be able to handle it.. that is if mat is able to help me a little and get a few things done for me tonight... fingers crossed!

*third... I'm going to Forks again! i know i know so silly but i am going with a group up to Forks for the Twilight DVD release party they are having for Debbie's Birthday party! i should prove to be a good time and i can't wait to come back and post all my pictures! It is so funny because my Twilight page is so popular as a google image search i can't wait to have more pictures for people to look at!

*Fourth.. i have been sick! yeah i know what else is new i seem to always be sick! this is know is due to my lack to stable sleep patterns because i work at 4am three days a week then till midnight two other nights a week. this sickness has caused me to lose my voice which has been pretty odd... i feel like I'm whining all the time.. i swear i am trying to talk normal people!

*Finally... i think that is it.. of course i will continue to think of thing i should blog about but i won't because i am far too tired and ten to not come on the computer much these days... blogging takes far too much brain power!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Once again is am amazed!

"Cancer: If you have a friend who is veering off in what you think is the wrong direction, resist the urge to tell them what to do. Sometimes, the best support you can give to someone is to let them make their own mistakes and learn their own lessons. Plus, you shouldn't get involved with stuff you are unsure of, even if you think you'll be helping out someone you care about. You could end up making it worse for them. It's time to switch the focus back to your own life."

WOW yet again my horoscope totally fits my life right now! I am just killing time on my computer when i think to read my horoscope... This is just where my life is at right now with my friendships. it isn't that i think that people don't know how to live their life.. it is just that i see such great things for everyone and they don't seem to realize all the great things they can do! but i have stepped back and have stopped making comments as to what my opinion is... i am concentrating on my life and doing thing that i feel i need to do... and i am pretty happy and unstressed... I'm tired all the time... but I'm not stressed!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

a relaxing weekend!

Well this weekend we ended up not doing a single thing we had planned but did end up doing a thousand other things! Friday night mat was going to have a poker night but it got canceled due to the fact that they didn't have enough guys to play... or at least that is what he said.

Saturday i had plans to take a friends engagement pictures and i was making mat come with me so that we could spend the time together. We woke Saturday morning to a sky full of clouds and the thought of snow in it's way any minute, not the best conditions for water front picture taking. So we were up bright and early Saturday morning completely showered and dressed with no where to go so decided breakfast and a movie were in order! I flipped through the coupon book we bought this year and found a cute little cafe just down the street from out house (The Pea Pod Cafe) with a buy one entree get one free deal! we were so there! Be both ordered omelet's... some of the best we have had in a while.. they also had the best homemade jam on each table so not only did i eat the bagel i had ordered but also half the English muffin mat had ordered and not even touched... i mean hello i couldn't just let it go to waste now could i? After our yummy and extremely filling breakfast for only ten bucks we headed to the Everett movie theater to see Watchmen! We hadn't been to a theater this early in forever.. we made the first showing at 10am! we were thinking we would be the only people in the theater.. little did we know.. we were WRONG! the theater was practically packed! we had to sit in the front half of the theater! craziness at 10am on a Saturday! Over all the movie was really great! i absolutely loved the sound track and the opening credits! pretty much the whole movie was good.... someone on twitter today said the watchmen has "too much back story and not enough action" i have to say that is probably why i liked it so much! After the movie we weren't really sure what else to do... i wasn't really up for anything due to the fact that i froze all through the movie and i knew anything else we would do would be just as cold! so we drove around a little bit exploring roads we hadn't yet in Bothell just to see where they went. Then we spend the night at home i made a yummy dinner and we had a few drinks while we watched two movie... Sex Drive.. which i have to say was pretty funny.. we were laughing out loud and we don't do that very often! then we watched Feast 3 which is the movie that won the first ever project green light. We had watched the show and the first two movies so it was fun to see where the movie had gone... it however wasn't the best movies and we kinda lost interest toward the end!

Today i didn't have any plans and mat had to work so just kinda did whatever came to me... it was really great though cause i got A LOT of things i had been meaning to do done! It started with mat wanting me to help take out the trash which then i emptied all the garbage cans in the whole house he then did the dishes while i made the bed then he folded his laundry while i started mine then i started to fold my laundry when i realized i need to organize my drawers so i took everything out of them and re folded then i decided that i wanted to organize my closet so i changed around how things were hung then looked down at all my messy shoes and HAD to organize them too... while doing all of this i went through all my stuff and got rid of all my old clothes with holes or that i didn't wear and came up with a great pile of things to donate. after my closet was all organized i realized that the drawers of my bedside table were a completely a mess filled with trash so i organized those while doing so i went through some old journal i had in there.. that was an interesting adventure! Finally i took a shower and vacuumed my house and did my hair. Man by the end of all this stuff i felt so good. i just know that my week is going to go by so smoothly because i won't have to worry about a mess!

So i know that this has been an absolute bore to read but i feel like i don't blog much anymore so i figure i should just write about whatever! now you know just how exciting my weekends are for a girl of 24! yeah i know i sound like I'm 45 or something!

If you wanna even more detail of my oh so exciting life come join me on twitter... i update far too often b/c I'm pretty much addicted!

Friday, March 6, 2009

what a funk of a day!

Well yesterday just wasn't one i would like to remember! nothing really major happened or anything and even some good things happened but geeze there was no way to get myself out of the funk i was in... I woke up to check how much i got paid and found that i had over drafted my account twice last week and so as a result i had $40 for the week after paying rent! then my mom called and tells me Jeff has been really sick for 2 weeks and has lost a lot of weight and if he was ever going to die she doesn't know what she would do with herself and that got me thinking.. what if he did die before she did. what would she do? what would i do? she just wouldn't be able to live alone but i don't know if i could have her live with me. I love her to death and i want the best for her and if i had to have her live with me i would but god the thought frightens me to death! she is too much for me to handle! Then i kept thinking about this party we are going to and how going there is making me nervous so i talked to the party thrower in hopes to make myself feel better but then i got all worried that i upset her for telling her because i know how hard to is to throw a party then to have this added stupid stress i would have been upset! i finally was able to talk to her again and make sure everything was fine and she wasn't upset but seriously thinking that i had upset her really made me wanna cry... i keep thinking of all the times i just shouldn't have opened my mouth. This is a major thing i am trying to work on... i just HATE not saying things... but i have to realize it is for the best! Also Mat's x box occasionally has a cord running from the computer room to the TV in the living room so he can play his games online. yesterday her had it out and i tripped over the cord... knocking down the x box from the TV stand, it landing on the corner of the fireplace leaving a huge gash and ripping and destroying the cord! he first assumed it was totally broken and i was devastated! i cried for a good half hr trying to think of a way to be able to replace it for him asap... all while knowing i only had $40 for the week. i was prepared to ask each of my friends to borrow money and pay them back when i could. i was so upset because i know how much he loves his video games systems and he takes such pride in them. He said he has it working now and that everything is fine but i still felt bad! All these things gave me just a horrible cloud over my head yesterday. I couldn't wait to come home and go to sleep!

Today i woke up and i feel 100% better! i just wish i could be one of those people that say, "hey everyday is a good day." "I never have a bad day!" "It is a good day if you say it is a good day!" I don't know how people do it. my emotions and my hormones are too strong for me to fight! of course now that i think of it the only people who say that are MEN! they just don't understand!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

so reservations

you know I am not constantly a wild and obnoxious girl. I don't do or say things that are embarrassing. I realize that there is a time and place for every behaviour. but when I am drinking with my girls I think we are pretty fun people. we like to have a good time. we enjoy dancing and laughing. now put these girls with a large group of people who have already expressed how they have found the "loudness" and the "crazy behaviour" to be annoying. say these people have band us from attending any activities that they are throwing. how are we to act? I am willing to be in the same room as these openly hateful people. I am willing not to make any drama and in fact I am willing to be nice! but how am I suppost to cut loose and have fun without worrying that these people aren't judging me? what if they're laughter I hear is them laughing at my belligerent behaviour? when a friend laughs at your drunk activities it is funny cause it is out of love. but to be made self conscious surrounded by people who openly despise my behaviour makes me a bit fearful. but I will go and I will try my best to have fun... I just might need a strong drink asap!
sorry this is just something I started thinking today... damn being a girl with all these thoughts and feelings!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bob Saget Video

Well i just uploaded all the videos from my camera... i totally forgot i had this footage from when we went to see bob saget... it is short but pretty fun!
Hey there, Hi there, Ho there!

Well my girls came over for dinner and it was really great times. We were able to just hang out and chat and catch up! you don't realize how long it has been till you are sitting at a table and you keep talking for hrs because you have so much to catch up on. One of the things that came up was my blog... it is so fun to know that my girls read my blog, but not only that but that come to it everyday pretty much! They said that it is at times the first thing they do when they get on the computer! That is just so fun! i love to know that they are reading and are interested. it is one thing to write thinking maybe someone is reading but to know at least a couple people are really makes me want to write more often!

So this is me saying HI to everyone who is reading this! and thanks for reading because even though it isn't a blog that has a theme are is well written or organized or anything it do enjoy writing about things i love... or things i hate... and it makes me feel god to know someone else is reading it too!

Also i got the Stat tracker to see who is coming to my blog and where they are and i have to say that the most people some to my blog come from google images to look at my Forks/ Twilight hot spots post which says that once twilight becomes less popular my blog is going to lose a lot of hits... lol