Saturday, June 27, 2009

i do puzzles when left behind

Well this week has pretty much completely sucked! All of my friends ditched me to go on super fun vacations and i have been stuck here working!

Sunday Debbie left on a super fun road trip to PA with her friend Kathy who was moving back there. It was fun to read her tweets while on the road and let me say she didn't have all fun and games but over all i think she enjoyed her trip. She is flying back tomorrow, i can't wait to hear all about it on Tuesday when i work with her. that is if I'm not too busy working!

Monday Tara and Kristin flew down to Vegas for a 4 day 3 night party! i also was able to live through their tweets but it just made me want to go down to Vegas myself. Which in turn sparked my desire to go broke and spontaneously go down to Vegas during my vacation for my birthday. i was nearly completely committed when i decided to think about it. Damn being a responsible adult. i knew i couldn't afford the trip! it is unbelievable how disappointed i can be in losing something i never really had. i also started a puzzle this day in hopes to bring some entertainment to my week... little did i know that puzzles (or at least this one) are HARD!

Tuesday i worked at 4 am then came home and slept for 4 hrs then went to see Transformers 2 at midnight with mat... going to work right afterwards (meaning NO sleep for me) I gotta say the movie was really great and totally worth o sleep and standing in line for 2 HOURS!!

Wednesday after another 4 hour nap i was headed to Muckelshoot casino with Laura (after everyone else at worked backed out) to see Chippendale's! we arrived there about an hour and a half early and thought we would grab a bite to eat before the show. We saw a line and at first thought it was the line for the deli... little did we know that people had been standing in like for hours to get into see Chippendale's. We heard the manager announce that you had to have a bracelet to get inside and that the had already ran out of bracelets. so our hour drive was for nothing! We turned around and drove back to Kirkland for dinner at Olive Garden. it wasn't all bad because i was able to hang out with busy Laura for a little bit!

Today mat left with his friend Elliott to head up to Laura's truller for Daryl's Birthday party! i am unable to go with them because i have to work 4pm to midnight tonight. i was going to make the hr and a half drive by myself once i got off but it turns out i have to work at 3pm tomorrow and so i don't really find it worth it because it will just make going to work tomorrow that much worse.

So pretty much this entire week was full of let down and disappointment with the exception of Transformers 2 (which actually got really bad reviews... so sad) I'm hoping to make next week a little better! i an going roller blading (roller skating for me) with Kate on Monday. Tuesday is my birthday present day with Tara and I'm considering going to Laura's brothers house on Friday for their 3rd of July party. I'm disappointed that i have to work on the 4Th of July but there if a fireworks stand at the entrance of our apartments so Mat and I might light some off when we get off work that night. i gotta make the most of things or i am just going to be depressed!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The wedding

Saturday June 20th 2009 was the wedding day. it was at lake wilderness lodge in maple valley. very pretty setting right on a lake big huge window that look out on it for the reception. it was a fairly small wedding for what we have been to but very nice. the food was the best we've had at a wedding all made by her dad and aunts and uncles. the cake was very yummy as well!

The batchelorette Party

it was crystals wedding weekend and boy did we have a blast! the party began Thursday night for her batchelorette party! We all packed into a car and drove down to pioneer square to Cowgirls Inc and danced the night away.... we will just ignore the flat tire, divided group of girls and the major hang over the day after!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

really 5 days?

So i was reading another blog i follow and they mentioned that they should be writing a blog post 5 days a week and if they don't they shouldn't even be blogging. Should i feel that pressure to deliver a blog post worth reading 5 days a week? i know i have been slacking on my posting these days but 5 days without questions? i can't handle that kind of pressure!

anyways besides that i have a few things to blog about... Saturday was Kristin's 25Th birthday. It was a nice celebration for her. we went out to dinner with a small group a great girls then headed back to her place for drinks, hot tub and girly movie. besides me not feeling very good i thought it was a near perfect night... very relaxing! here is a picture of the girls after dinner
Sunday was another fun day! i woke up far too early after going to bed a bit late. i had plans to hang out with Kate so we met up and headed to Snoqualmie falls! i just love it there but no one ever seems to want to go as often as i do so i am always happy when someone new wants to go. We got sandwiches at Panera in Issaquah and ate them on a bench in the park. Our hike down was easy enough although it was pretty crowded (i recommend never going on a sunday!) Our hike back up was a bit more tricky. we stopped to take pictures when i discovered a new path i hadn't seen before so i suggested we go that way... it was fun but a bit of a literal climb... i felt bad for making Kate go that way because she was wearing a white skirt and flip flops. Overall a great day and i was happy to be able to do something with her other then sitting in a restaurant!
So the week is nearly half over and i am glad to be getting into the easier part of my week because yesterday for some reason my body decided to get sick! i was asleep in bed by 5pm but had to get up for work early. today i am going to take it easy and watch a movie with Debbie. Actually it is "How to Be" starring Robert Pattinson. a small independant movie he was in a while ago. I've heard good things so I'm excited to watch it! i'll let u know what i think (hopefully anyways)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

it fits!!!

OK I'm not in the mood to write a big long blog but i would like to announce that all my worries and panicking and freaking out was for nothing... My bridesmaid dress for Laura's wedding fits perfectly! now i am just hoping to lose enough weight to need to get it altered cause that would be just great!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

u probably have lost faith already but...

well i have restarted my diet once again! yes yes i know lets count the amount of times i have started and ended my diet1 but i really really really have to stick to it this time... i really really really need to get down to my low range of regular weight b/c i am deathly afraid of not fitting into my brides made dress! My weight fluctuates A LOT and i mean A LOT.. i tend to go up and down the same 15lbs every month. one day my clothes will fit perfectly and the next not a single thing will fit me and i am stick wearing a dress! i need to get to a low range of my weight and be able to stick to it in order to be able to fit into my dress! Laura's wedding is Sept 19th... that is about 13-14 weeks away and i hope to lose around 20lbs by then... my goal is around 2 lbs a week which would bring me over 20lbs so that i have some room to not get 2lbs every single week! i am really determined and slightly in fear and so i think i will be able to stick to it.. at least until the wedding.. who knows what will happen after that!
Here is a particularly fat picture of me... check out that double chin (nearly triple chin with all that neck fat!) and chubby cheeks!! so gross! doesn't baby Terry look just so cute though!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to The Grind

Well today was my first morning back to work and let me tell u it wasn't bad. well waking up at 3am was pretty hard but i did it and i made it into work and found that i didn't have Tons of work to do, always welcome! So i got to work doin a few things here and here till Debbie arrived at work and then i pretty much just gave up trying to motivate myself to work so i spent the better part of my last 3 hrs talking to pretty much everyone i work with. i planned out trip to Chippendale's with all the girls from work. Then i learned how to remove the new "alarm lids" on our wine bottles. i asked Debbie about her weekend and heard about her road trip to PA she is going on in like 2 weeks. i sat in the break room and listened to the pounding of the remodel the bank is going threw. I killed time reading a rereading bulletins on my computer. I sat with Laura and the rest of the produce crew while they took their breaks. I got good news that i might not be closing much anymore! i guess our assistant and second assistant managers have to close a few nights a week now so hopefully I'll be working more days! All in all it was a good first day back to work nothing too stressful or overwhelming!

Tomorrow is my beginning of summer Pic Nic and i am hoping that the weather holds out! A good day at the park with my girls laughing and having fun sounds perfect!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Livin Life

I laid by the pool the other day with a friend and we got to talking. The topic of money came up and don't get me wrong we didn't have some deep conversation or anything but she mentioned that she is frugal with her money so that she is able to have a savings at all times. Then i said that Mat and i had discussed that earlier that we want to be able to have a saving but that we couldn't imagine not doing all the fun thing we do and how we do them. This conversation stuck in my mind since that day at the pool and i am just trying to figure out a way for me to find a happy balance between the two worlds. I hate to miss out on anything fun and feel like i am missing some part of life but at the same time i hate living pay check to pay check! At this point the only solution i can think of is that i need to make more money!

So on that note here are the things we have done so far on vacation!