Monday, September 28, 2009

The wedding of her dreams!

OK i am finally making myself write a blog. Over a week ago was Laura and Daryl's wedding. i must say it turned out beautiful! Laura has got to be the most beautiful women and she made an absolute gorgeous bride! The Wedding went perfectly and we were lucky enough to have the rain hold out till we got indoors.
The wedding took place at the Hollywood School House in Woodinville. I had always drove by and loved the building. I think it was a perfect location for their wedding! It was the only day that week that had rain, but hey i say rain is a sign of good luck on your wedding day! Despite the rain the bride and all her maids had great spirits and the wedding was amazing. Laura of course was too shy to say her vows into the mic while Daryl sang his vows to her! It was so beautiful to watch them seal their love and i can see this marriage lasting a life time and beyond. it was also fun to watch Mat up there as a grooms men. He looked so amazingly handsome and i couldn't help but sneak a peek at him and imagine what it would be like to be marrying him.
The reception was so much fun! The food they had was amazing (Italian food: anti pasta, salad, fruit, pasta with marinara, Alfredo and meat balls! it was all absolutely yummy!) They had an open bar that offered not only wine and beer but electric ice teas (boy were those dangerous) After the fun food it was time for the toasts! God was i nervous! i had it all typed out and i read it clearly but looking back at a video of me GOD i totally talk like a valley girl lol! After all the stress was over it was time to dance and god did we dance out asses off! it was so much fun! the DJ was amazing and all the guests were so much fun!
We watched the bride and groom jump in their limo at the end of the night and they were off for their honeymoon in Jamaica! I can't wait to talk to her and hear all about it!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Greatest bachelorette party EVER!

Well Saturday has come and gone and i have to say the Bachelorette party i threw for Laura turned out better then i could have imagined! It took a little time to be able to check into the hotel but with my life saver (Tara's) help we made it in. Then fortunately she was available to help me set up so we got everything set up in record time and boy did it look great!

We had enough time to get ourselves ready and then the guest started to arrive! There were less people then i had invited (i had to plan for 20 people coming b/c only one person RSVP'ed ggrrr!!!) but I'm happy about that because i don't know how many more people we would have been able to fit into this hotel room.

We began the night eating all the yummy food i had brought. Mini croissant sandwiches, fruit tray, penis pasta, penis shaped rice crispy treats, chips and salsa, popcorn, and my pantie pull down punch. We played three games... Pin the hose on the firemen, We stuffed marshmallows in our mouth and said fuzzy balls, and played truth or dare. we all also did blow job shots. She got a bunch of crazy dirty gifts that were fun to watch her open!

After the festivities in the hotel we headed out to hit the town! we first went to the club i had planned for us to go to... club venom... but once we got there we weren't feelin it at all (Asian invasion) Laura really wanted to go to cowgirls so we walked all the way to pioneer square (stopping at some other fun bars on the way) Once at cowgirls we had a blast! we got a ton of great pictures and truly just danced the night away!

we stayed till the bar closed and after while we waited for D's man to come pick her up we talked with a few guys and Debbie kissed i think it was 3 of them! too entertaining! also Laura got picked up... literally! finally to end the night we walked all the way back to our hotel stopping at Taco Del Mar or a late night munchie.

The next morning Laura and i met up with our men and went to the first Seahawks game of the season! we had great seats (about 7 rows up from the field) we were pretty tired and directly in the sun but we had a great time and i actually learned something about the game! next time i will have even more fun!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

my happyness

Lately it feels like i have been the happiest i have ever been. I don't have any real complaint or troubles. My life goes smoothly (for the most part) and i see my life moving ahead with all the hopes i have for myself! I am able to handle the little stresses much better these days without totally breaking down. it's weird there are times where i know that i would normally freak out and then i am shocked when i find myself not freaking out!

Lately i have been super happy but i have been invaded with people and thoughts of stress and unhappiness. i would say that others people's feeling are what have been my biggest stress lately. i find myself feeling almost guilty for being so happy while others seems so unhappy. i find myself trying to find some way to solve their problems so that they are able to experience even a little bit of the happy, pretty much stress free life i have. I am slowly learning that nothing i can do will be able to make people happy in their lives and the only thing i can do is be a friend and listen and have fun with the times we have together.

Sometimes i wonder why people continue on the paths that make them unhappy. it seems to me if you are unhappy you should take a proactive way of making it better. Maybe i am becoming an loud mouth activist on depression and seeking therapy but when i was unhappy, depressed, stressed out i couldn't live with it. i couldn't see myself being unhappy and moody forever so i did what i could to change that as fast as i possibly could. i see so many people who could get help but don't. i don't know if it is not wanting to admit that they are unhappy or that they don't think it will help but i wish i could just fix everything for everyone.

OK well enough of this depressing post. Lets go on with our days and enjoy the little things. Some of the little things i have loved so far today are: the sun peering through my window brightening my house, saying i love you to mat when he left for work, saying hello to optimuscupcake on twitter, the memory foam mattress pad we have on our bed, the feeling that i am actually losing the weight i have been working to lose, the excitement for the batchelorette party i am throwing on Saturday for my dear friend Laura, and the thought of the mini weight watchers pizzas for lunch!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A day with Laura Lorraine

Well as you might know my friends and i do days with each other rather then getting each other gifts for our birthdays. Last Thursday was my day with Laura. she had planned at day for us to go to Family Fun Center and have a blast! i was excited when she chose it because i have been wanting to go and she was the perfect person to do it with!

We arrived not knowing quite what the weather was going to be like but it turned into a perfect day! The sun was out and we were even pretty hot! We played mini golf first and we both got a hole in one! they have two courses so we played them both but by the end of the second game we were melting and ready to head inside to cool off a bit! We did almost everything they had to offer, bumper boats were by far our favorite! (pic of us soaking wet...goodness i look short!)You get to squirt everyone while driving around in your boat! You get SOAKED but it felt oh so good in the sun! we also did go karts twice because those are also one on my favs! It was fun to do the batting cages with her because she plays softball and it was fun to watch her skill! It kinda made me wanna play softball but i don't think i will. I would want to play with her but she is go good she probably wouldn't want a sucky ass player on her team lol! i bet i could be good though!

it was really nice getting to spend the day with her laughing and having fun! i love that girl!

Friday, September 4, 2009

dancing, drinking and laying by the lake

Well i was going to do a blog post for each even that happened last week but you know what i got tired. So i am combining the last few events into one post. Thursday we went out to Cow girls inc. It was our first time bringing Debbie out to a bar/club since she has discovered she likes drinking so it was a fun night! This girl used to hate going out and the crowds and the "bar scene" but we got a few drinks in her and we had her dancing on the stage! I'm pretty sure she really enjoyed herself too. It is so nice to see Debbie enjoying like and having fun. sometimes when she is down she can't seem to enjoy anything so to see her happy is a really nice thing.

It was also our last night out with just us girls before Laura's wedding. I mean we do still have the batchelorette party that I'm throwing in a week but that will have tons of girls with us (about 15 in total) so it was nice to have a night out that was just us before she ties the knot! She just loves to dance when she drinks and it is so much fun to watch her because she can be kinda held back in real life lol. She also LOVES to ride the bull so we rode it twice. She really didn't wanna fall off the second time around and tried with all her might to stay on and ended up with a HUGE bruise inside her thigh. It was pretty scary looking really.

On Saturday we all headed up to Laura's trailer to enjoy the very last bit of summer we had to hold onto. it was nice to get up there and just relax by the fire and then on Sunday we had amazing weather! We woke up to fog but it burned off and left us with bright sun and 80 degrees of warmth. Debbie discovered that she loves the Sea Doos just about as much as Tara does. Her exact words were "This is the funnest thing i have ever done!" I went on the Sea Doos for a bit but i really enjoyed just laying on a floaty in the water. but am i paying for that now! i got so sunburned and my face is peeling A LOT. I'm happy we were able to soak but that last bit of sun before the cloudy skies move it for MONTHS

Friendship is only a block away

Well i am glad and well bursting with happiness to announce that my girls (Tara and Kristin) are all moved into their apartment only about two blocks from my home! It is really fun that they have moved together since they have both been my best friends forever! It is so nice to be able to have my friends end up being close friends together. it is really hard to have many different groups of friends.... i much prefer everyone to be friends with everyone.

We did the big move... about a week and a half ago (yeah i know i am ssoooo slow that blogging these days) We started early in the morning (i had to drive the u-haul of course) it went amazingly fast and easy but we did end up filling the entire 16 foot truck and three cars. these girls have A LOT of stuff! The hard part was unpacking it all and finding room for all their stuff!

i took on the duty of unpacking their kitchen for them and i have to say i think i did a pretty good job. of course i don't know if they would tell me if they moved things around after i was done. They have an amazing table and are waiting on their couch which will hopefully be delivered some time after September 15Th.

Their house is so fun and girly because these girls are so big on pinks and other bright colors. they are perfect to be living together! they are very similar in their tastes! it is nice to have a girly place to go when i want a break from my boy (even though i did usually need a break very often cause i love him so!) Yesterday was the first day i hadn't gone to their apartment since hey moved in. i know that i will be there very often so i told them that they are welcome to tell me when i am over staying my welcome lol.