Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wisdom teeth babble

goodness for some reason i just can't seem to bring myself to write a blog these days... it guess it is all my mini blogging i do on twitter that distracts me from this blog... so i got my wisdon teeth pulled and i thought rather then write out a whole blog about it i would take all my tweets about my wisdom teeth and put them on here... so here we go...

**be warned it is mostly from a druggest state and there are ALOT of missellings that i don't feel like fixing... but yeah this has been my adventure!**

so last night i was fine so didn't take meds for angzitety (sp) but then i woke up at 6 freaking out about getting my wisdon teeth pulled.hhhmmmm i'm kinda hungery... what should i eat as my last solid food?uugggg i don't feel good.... i bet it is nerves... y am i so weird... i just keep thinkingofhavingto sit there while they dig in my mouth...i wish i could just sleep through it!my lips are chaps and cracks so now it hurts... gonna be a joy to hold my mouth open!

making jello and pudding for my weekend of soft foods... oh joy... i need instand mashed potatoesin the waiting room... dun dun dunnow in chairi just took and extra strength vicoden and my third anti anxiety pill... the numbing has given me the shacks...oh goodness they have been numbing me over and over againthat was so barbarik! worse thing ever!!! i want me bed now - suxnow gonna get percaset and antibioticwell of all the medical things i have gone through thisone made me think of cavemen... they just pull at the tooth till it comes out gushing...blood peice by piece... oh the blood!sitting in the car while mat fills more perscritions for me and gets me grape juice.... sounds yummyi tend to clench my jaw... hope that doesn't affect anythingaaaahhhh i have to sat i don't feel too bad.... worried about when the numbing wears offso this isn't too bad i have to say... i think the worst part is not to be able to eat anythingshit shit shit first burst of pain and blood... this sucksi feel like i should be laying in bed sleeping but i don't wanna waste the dayin my half asleep druged state i am watching dawsons creek and then i close my eyes and dooze off there is a whole differnt story goingi'm hungery but am afraid to eat cause my mouth is still bleeding and i hurts to move my jawok i'm gonna attempt to eat pudding... not excitedthis sucks!!!!!!!!!ooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!! i can't even eat pudding... taking two percocets nowi ventured out of my room to play a quick round of scene it on x box with my man... alone w/ dawson once again bored! - so cozy in bedok so if i just don't move my mouth at all i'll be ok... just really hungery... glad i had a big last mealpercocet wins over extra strength vicoden. i am feeling great!just got up and walked around my house a but... yeah feeling the drugs... pretty funnymat is making me instant mashed poatatoes hope eating those goes bettee - swear i'm not an drug addict!yum garlic mashed potatoes! gonna take an hr to eat themwell my mouth hurts! this is bullshit. y can't we just keep our wisdon teeth? i aready feel stupideroookkkkkkkk... done with the phone... time to drift off into a drugged up sleep while watching dawsons creeki woke up at my usual time, came out to the living room and fell back to sleep... i like ituuuggggg i gotta eat so i can take pain meds but my mouth hurts too much to move it to eat so i say laying here doozing off to sleep.ok here i go atempting to eat jello... this isgoing to suckohh jello is gone and mat is up so off to bed!how sweet my dentist called to see how i was feeling today... too bad i didn't answeri'm attempting to eat a blueberry muffin... sad cause i can't eat the top cause i have to chew it... muffin tops are the besti successfully ate a whole muffin!!! so good!

because i don't do doing nothing very well i'm going to the mall with debbie... living vicariously through her shoppingshopping on drugs in oh so fun.... ha ha ha ha but seriously i'm floating - in public with puffy cheeks lolhome from shopping and back in bed... got @_ihaveissues a few very cute outfits! now my head hurts!my god all that shopping exhausted me... just waking up from a nap... i think it is time for some pain meds - chocolate pudding and cool whipooohhhhh i let the pain meds where off while i slept so now my jaw is all annoying (not exactly painful just throbing or smething)back in bed watching some more dawsons creek... maybe take some more meds? loli can't believe how much i've slept and i continue to doze off... kinda relaxing!ooohhh woke up at eleven which is amazing but my meds had worn off so my head and mouth hurts and i want blueberry muffins!!!yippee mat is gonna go get me blueberry muffins!!!! the ones at safeway are so damn good!owww my mouths hurts too much to open it wide enough to eat my muffin... i'll eat it anyways!

oh man i think my meds are wearing off... gotta take some more.. i had the soar-ness... i just wanna stretch my mouth but can't!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter and Mat's Birthday!

Well these two days i didn't really take many pictures which is pretty sad but they were pretty great days none the less! Easter was a surprise to be able to spend with my family. Us girls had planned to drive to Forks for the day after the slumber party but after talking we decided that we felt bad for leaving our family who had all turned out to be getting together (i thought no one would do anything b/c we r all old lol) So i was able to leave Tara's house Sunday and head to my grandmas house to meet my family. the whole family was supposed to come but of course no one but my mom and dad showed up but you know what that's OK because we had such a great time! My grandma made a ham and had pasta salad and all the fixings! it was nice to eat with them then after we all gathered around and played Apples to Apples! That had got to be the best game to play EVER! we had so much fun and laughed so much! I'm really happy i was able to make it! i love my family!

Mat's Birthday was on Monday! i had the whole day planned! i really wanted to make it fun and special! We woke up pretty early (which seems to be the theme for the vacation :-P) We headed out to breakfast at the Saw Mill Cafe in the Mill Creek Town Center. I had the meat lovers scramble while mat had the croissant french toast. We both loved both meals. We had some time to kill after that so we did a little bit of shopping then headed to a movie. We watched "Observe and Report". It was an OK funny movie. It was quite awkward to watch so there were times i had to cover my eyes or plug my ears but it was good to at least check off a movie from the list of movies we want to see! After that we had lunch in the mall because Mat loves the fish and chips and i had a calzone and a salad. after that we headed to Seattle where we went to the Science Fiction Museum. it was pretty interesting but probably not worth full price (we had a half price coupon that we left a home BOO) but over all it was fun! We then decided to hang out in Seattle for a little while so we caught the Monorail to downtown where we did some wondering and some shopping. While there mat decided that he wanted PF Chang's for dinner so we took the monorail back to our car and headed to bellevue for PF Chang's. Our dinner was super yummy. we had Mongolian beef with garlic noodles and spicy green beans! We tried to make it through the meal using only chop sticks but of course we didn't make it very far! After dinner we headed to the Snoquialmie Casino! It was snowing as we arrived a very chilly. We did ok at gambling. we i started out doin really well and mat wasn't doin so good but when we left that night mat had gotten all his money back and i was out my $30 i had came with (good thing we aren't high rollers!) We ended our night at The Rock, our favorite restaurant just a block from our house! In fact we go so often that we walked in and sat down and the bar tender bought us two buckets without us even ordering then another customer made a comment that he help us before them and he said he had to take care of the regulars first! it was too much fun!
over all i think he really enjoyed his birthday! i love him and he deserves it! and boy is he spoiled because he has a whole other day on Saturday!

Tara's Super Fun 26th Birthday Slumber Party

ell as promised i has a pretty busy weekend and beginning of my vacation. Saturday was Tara's slumber party and boy did we have a good time. There were to be expected up to 13 people but lucky for us they didn't all come at the same time so the party never felt over crowded. We had all the typical slumber party goods. TONs of candy and chips and we ordered pizza all that along with many drinks and shots and we were well over junk the next day! We played a bunch of fun games: Dream Date, twister, Apples to apples. and watched girly movies! Of course we watched twilight that night (and again the next morning!) and we watched slumber party! We all wore PJs and had a great time laughing with each other! over all I'm pretty sure the party was a success!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm IT!!!

Kate Tagged Me!..

5 things I was doing 5 years ago:

1. Just Starting to hang out with mat
2. Seriously thinking about dropping out of the art institute
3. Dating and discovering what it was like to be a real teenager
4. Taking the bus daily
5. skipping class to wonder the streets of Seattle b/c i hated school

5 things on my to do list for today:
1. Go to Walmart to buy supplies for Tara's gift (check)
2. Go to Safeway to get 7 layer dip supplies (check)
3. go to liquor store b/c i need one more cup of vodka to make jello shots
4. make it through 8 hrs of work
5. Start vacation at midnight!!!

5 things I would do with a million dollars:
1. Pay Off Damn Student loans
2. take me and ALL my friends and family on vacation
3. Buy a house
4. decorate the hell out of that house
5. my two new cars for mat and me

5 places I have lived:
1. Apartments formally known as "The Pines" in Crossroads in Bellevue
2. Woodland Commons in Bellevue
3. Apartments In Redmond (can't remember the name for the life of me.. weird)
4. Cedar Heights in Totem Lake Kirkland
5. Crystal Creek Village (current location) in Bothell
(YES i have ALWAYS live in apartments)

5 jobs I have had:
1. Auntie Annes Pretzels (first job and only one NOT in Safeway)
2. Courtesy Clerk
3. Starbucks Barista
4. bookkeeper
5. PIC/Supervisor

5 things I want to be doing in 5 years:
1. be a mom
2. a second assistant at Safeway
3. at least engaged
4. living in at least a condo
5. happy and healthy

I tag Brianna
and whom ever else wants to be tagged go for it... it is way fun!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

silly silde show

well i haven't realyl had anything to blog about lately just pretty much a boring life of working then coming home and sleeping! i know exciting right?! I do have a few things coming up that will be pretty exciting. it is mat's and Tara's birthday april 13th. Tars birthday party is this saturday. She is having an old school slumber party which will be so much fun! the Sunday (easter) tara debbie krisint and i are going to forks.. AGAIN! i know crazy right! Tara has just started reading the books and so she wants to go really bad... Debbie and I should become offical Forks tour guides and charge per hr! Then Mat and i have vacation all week in which we don't really have anything planned. I'm hoping that one day we can go somewhere maybe a day trip or something? Next Saturday is mat's birthday party... We are going to see Doug Benson at the Moore theater then head oer to game works and then staying in a hotel so we don't have to drive back home after a long night! it will all be alot of fun... i'm excited! So hopefully i'll have alot to write about coming up soon! So instead i thought i'd leave a a slide show with random pictures.. .enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i almost forgot

Well silly me i almost forgot that i need to post about Debbie and mines trip to v]Vancouver BC. it was such a great trip! The hotel we stayed in was nice enough i pretty much liked it and it was right above the street fair they were having on Grandville. The street fair really made the trip fun and exciting because there were so many people for people watching. We dined at a couple pretty good restaurant and really enjoyed just wondering around the city. We did do some shopping but the malls didn't really have many stores we were interested in or that we could afford. lol Also they were way confusing and hard to navigate! During all of our wondering we did have our eyes open for any Robert Pattinson spotting's. we even messaged him on twitter a few times (which blew up in our face but we won't get into that!) We did some drinking and wondering on the streets at nigth which can always cause some great entertainment... like three guys linked together singing on the top of their lungs in french for like 6 block! I got a WONDERFUL crape on the street side. it was filled with nutella and bananas! HEAVEN! i can't wait to go back just for those! i think I'll try another filling next time ... i always get that one!
Over all it was great trip besides finding out the next day that Robert Pattinson was at the street fair concert we decided we didn't want to pay $20 to get into and Debbie getting blocked from his twitter! lol

just a normal day

Well the last couple days have gone by pretty well. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays can be pretty hard because i have to work at 4 am but this week i kept myself kinds busy so that i wouldn't come home and sit on the couch and just hope not to fall asleep. Monday night we had a fancy dinner party at Kristin's house. She made such a yummy dinner of stuffed chicken, mashed potatoes, asparagus and garlic bread! it was all very yummy but my favorite part was being able to spend time with all my favorite girls! it was the last day before Laura went back to school (well started at UW bothell anyways... pretty exciting GO LAURA!) Tara is on her spring break now so it was nice to be able to see her and give her the last 3 twilight books for her enjoyment! we laughed and talked and had a merry time!
Yesterday after work i went to get my nails done with Linnea! It was really great to hang out with her and i wish we would have been able to hang out longer (not really sure y we didn't actually) She is also in school and works two jobs so she is one of my friends i really feel like i don't see often enough! She is such a driven girl and so responsible that she rarely has free time! She is in Vegas this weekend for her best friends wedding which is also a reason we haven't hung out in a while... weddings are all consuming u know! But it was nice to be able to hang out with her for a little while getting out nails done! now i have nice finger and toe nails! i feels so girly!
Today was pretty simple day came home straight after work and watched TV with mat for a little while before he had to head to work... i decided to take a nap so that i would be able to stay up later with him when he gets off! i really try HARD to make sure we get time together. i know that working such opposite schedules can really cause a couple to drift apart and i never want that to happen to us.. of course all my afford sometimes blow up in my face when i get all excited to hang out with him and things don't go as imagined and i get all upset IE: he comes home from work and he is on the computer for hrs! but i am trying to roll with the punches and take the time i can get!