Monday, September 29, 2008

Things To Do Before I'm 30

*Party like a rock star

*Full day at a spa

*lose 50lbs

*have a kid

*spoil my mom

*meet my dad

*better my credit

*week long vacation out of the country

*have a savings

*climb a rock wall

*be at least a second assisant

*wear a pair of designer shoes with a little black dress

*volunteer regularly

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Daily Life

well nothing too exciting has happened in my life lately. i just have been super busy! Baby sitting has been fun. Thursday and Friday i baby sat. This girl loves to paint! We have gone through all of my paints and paper. I'll have to restock soon. she could paint all day long!

Thursday night after babysitting i rushed out to Tara's house in Seattle to join the girls for girls night out! Man did we have a blast! We all meet at Tara's house because she lives in Seattle so we took a taxi down to pioneer square (no drinking and driving for these ladies!) We went to cowgirls inc. because it was ladies night and Laura REALLY wanted to ride the mechanical bull! We she did and so did i! it was so much fun! i was so determined to not to fall off that i slightly hurt my wrist. it's just a bit soar. the only reason i notice it is because at work i tend to twist my wrist a lot when i am ringing up groceries and such. we had fun and didn't stay out too late because every one's feet were killing them... well everyone but Laura's that is.. she did not want to leave! I can't wait to see the pictures! I'll make sure to post the video of me riding the bull too.. as soon as i get them from Tara and Laura! I had to get up early the next day to baby sit and boy was that a task after a night of drinking but i rolled myself out of bed and by noon i was as good as new! i had to work 4-midnight that night too! boy was a tired when i get home!

Well all that fun times and busy busy stuff has caught up to me because now i have a cold! my whole body is fuzzy and i am just so tired and my throat hurts! i wish i could call in sick to work but i can't so I'll got to work tonight and make the best of it and then have tomorrow off. unfortunately i have a lot to do tomorrow because we have to clean the old apartment still and then i have to clean my new apartment but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some time to relax!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Babysitting bothers

well I started baby sitting a couple days a week before I work at 4. it is a family that I have babysat for, for a while now. I babysat the son jaded at night when the parents wanted to go out then baby Lexi was born and I was her nanny during the summer a year or so ago till she was old enough to go to their day care. the kids are so great and well behaved. the problem I have with this is that the parents are pretty flakey. they have no regular schedule and they are running late most always. but the really really annoying thing happened this morning. I was on my way to babysit this morning and since I just moved I hadn't realized how bad traffic was a 7 in the morning so I called I let her know I was going to be a few minutes late. i'm pretty sure I woke her up with my call but she told me it was fine I would be late so I kept driving. half way there she said she wasn't feeling so great so she was going to go to work late. so I planned to stop by the old apartment to get cleaning done. as I was arriving at the old place I get another call from her saying she isn't going to work at all. so I drove all the way to kirkland in rush hour to turn around and drive right back! I was nice about it this time because she might have been sick but next time i'm not going to be as nice. I like to sleep in too. I don't have the money to waste on gas in traffic! I just want to at least babysit till I make enough spare money to buy our table and a new cd player for my car.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

we are getting settled

well we are pretty much settled into our new home... everything is unpacked and we have gone grocery shopping- our fridge and cubberts are full. the only thing left to wait for is cable. we have watched enough 90210 and family guys to blow anyone's mind. we've also passed time by coloring and playing video games. i'm beginning to really feel like this place is home... just wish the water pressure was a bit better. we bought new shower heads hoping that would help but we can't get the old one's off. i'm not sure if water pressure is something the maintenance can fix. I hope so though. also we have to start paying for water so i thought it would be a good idea to figure out how to conserve water. I have heard of putting something the the tank of the toilet but I don't know of many other ways to conserve water so if anyone has some tips let me know.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

first night to breath

well I didn't end up going camping with the girls which I am really sad about but I am able to breath tonight when I go to bed. in fact tonight is the first night I am able to cook dinner. teriyaki chicken and rice. most everything is unpacked just a few boxes left for mat to unpack in his room. our dining room is pretty empty we have got to get a table asap but it will have to be put on hold because I had to buy new tires! damn it all te he he. my girls are going to stop by and check out my new place. i'm so excited for them to see it. anyways i'm going to make dinner so that it is ready when mat gets home from work!

Multimedia message

pics of the new place

Friday, September 12, 2008

We're getting the keys!

Well since Mat has all weekend off yet works all week and i have all week off but work all weekend we called the new apartments this morning and arranged to sign the lease today so that we have at least a couple of extra days to move everything! i am so excited and i hope that we can get this all done with minor stress and breakage! i just need everything into the new apartment so i can spend all the rest of the week cleaning the old apartment and setting up the new one. i am so excited to have this all done and be able to sit in my new apartment and take a deep breath and relax!

Birthday Gift #6

Yesterday i had my day with Linnea and it was so much fun! we mat at her mom's house to make handmade cards! We had done this in the past and loved it was it was a great idea for our day! Let me tell you i was on a roll! in the past i hadn't made the worlds best cards but yesterday i was feeling inspired! i love the cards i made and hanging out with Linnea and her mom was so much fun! Linnea even made banana bread which I've got to tell you i probably ate like a whole loaf! banana bread is my weakness and i haven't had it in years! Afterwards we headed back to her house to drop off my car then we got our nails done! It was so relaxing... just what i needed during this stressful time! it was probably the best foot massage i have ever gotten during a pedicure! Afterwards we headed back to her house to have a yummy dinner then we watched some TV together and i set her up to start a blog like this! It was so much fun and it was really great to be able to hang out with her low and and low stress! I have trouble scheduling time with all the people that are important to me in my life and I'm glad that i have been able to reconnect with her!

My last monday of summer

Well last Monday Tara, Laura and I went tubing. It was so much fun we just want to float down the river all day long! we had a cooler floating down with us and were able to stop on a sandy beach for lunch. Even though the day caused a lot of drama the day was a lot of fun! Tara, Kristin and I also made it to the fair that night where we ate way too much!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

i just don't know what to do anymore! if you can't handle me... then say goodbye.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

i'm sorry but i love this!

so i can't get enough of this web site.... here is with a photo from when we went to the zoo!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Photo Fun!

Well i got this great web site from my cousin molly's blog and i thought i would try it out... pretty fun stuff!

i need a break

i have thought too much and cared too much... or too little, it's still unclear to me, and i need some perspective. i don't know how to not care about others feelings... however little or NOT caused by me they are. i want to be able to have people tell me their problems but i don't want to have this over welming need to solve everything. i hate this slipperly slope i have found myself on where i feel down and i make others feel down or they feel down and they make me feel down. i wish that we could all just take when we say how we say it and not over think things (myself included) not to make more out of a comment then there needs to be.

i need some space from these feelings. but i want it without the feeling that i am hurting someone. because that is always what seems to happen. Why am i the one who will always ask how someone is feeling but also the one who will say the wrong thing when they do? why do i have to be the person who things are planned by. if i was to say i wasn't going to do something we had planned would everyone go on without me? because that is what i would want. it is too much pressure to feel i have to do everything or else no one would do anything.

there is so much stress in my life with work and moving and money and it is frusterating that hurt feelings are all consuming yet avoidable! i just wish i knew how to say the right thing... or atleast stop myself when i know what i have to say won't help.

Monday, September 8, 2008

I can't make everyone happy

I know what it is like to feel unhappy and so i never want that for my friends but have come to the conclusion that there is nothing i can do to make them happy.

I don't know if i got all my friends paranoid after i broke up with our friend Maika or what but they have told me that they are worried that they will do something and i won't want to be friends with them anymore. Now i don't know why they would think things like that. I thought they all realized that the situation with Maika was a long time coming. She wasn't a good friend. She didn't put in effort to be a friend and she was far too judgemental. I thought we all agreed it would be best for us all to not be friends with her. I thought that until i have heard more than twice in the last month that they are afraid to lose my friendship by doing something wrong. and there doesn't seem to be anything i can do or say to reassure them that i am not going anywhere. I have written about how great they are in this blog. i have given them framed poems i wrote for each of them telling them how important they are to me yet they still have dough's. I want to make them all happy and care free but i have come to the conclusion that it isn't my responsibility to care for them. they are the only ones that can make themselves happy. so i am going to continue being their friend and be there when they need me. i will listen to their problems and offer my advice but i am freeing myself from the need to give them their happiness because i have to worry about my own happiness.

i know you guys are reading this and i love you all know that and never dough it because all you are doing is causing yourself unnecessary grief and pain. We may have different interests and we may not do every thing together but that doesn't make our friendship and weaker. and that doesn't mean we are going to grow apart!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Birthday gift #5

Tuesday was my day with Laura and let me tell you it was so much fun! a perfect day until i had to go to work at 4pm... grr! anyways i met her at Safeway at 10:30am and we headed to Tacoma to go para sailing! We thought at first we would be doing it in Kirkland but it turns out there is only para sailing in Kirkland on the weekends so we had to go to Tacoma. I was happy that we ended up going there. it is somewhere were don't always go plus we got to spend time in the car talking which is the main point of this idea for my birthday. We got there a little early so we hung out on the beach of commencement bay (i think that's what it was called) it was fun because i used to go there alot when i was younger when we would go visit my great grandfather and i had alot of great memories there. I got a little nervous while were were boarding the boat because i had no idea what to expect. they harnessed us up and then once we got into the middle of the bay they called us up on person at a time... me first. they buckled us to the para shoot that was already up in the air and we sat on the ground and we were slowly lifted up in the air. what a rush let me tell you! it was a beautiful day and we had a great view of mount Rainer! it was just a little bit cold but i was enjoying myself too much to care. i held on tight though because i could just picture myself falling straight into the water! at the end of the ride they dipped up just slightly into the water which was so much fun! they took pictures of use with a long lens so they could get our expressions perfectly. i can't wait till Laura gets them in the mail! after our rise we still had some time so we decided to grab lunch at a deli and we headed to Owen beach at point defiance park. it was nice to sit there and talk and relax. right before work we got ice cream (me sager free thank you!) It was such a nice relaxing and exciting day!

Day at the Fair

Well after the girls night we spent our typical Monday together going to the Evergreen State Fair! It was alot of fun we got to watch a dog show and the logger show. we got a photo button (Tara has it) we did well on our point on that day as well. i got an ear of corn WITHOUT butter! Kristin got a BBQ beef sandwich and Tara a soft taco. we got the point values ahead of time from so we were able to make smart choices and still have fair foods! we didn't go on any rides but Tara got to shoot a gun which she was excited for. the night end kind of in a sad way because mat and i has gotten into a fight and i was upset but i hung out with them till he got off work. we sat in the hot tub and ate "deLIGHTful" pizza from papa Murphy's. I'm so glad i have them there so when i start crying in the middle of the fair they know just how to make me smile!

girls night

well i had a busy busy weekend. Friday of course was my night with Kristin then mat and i went to dinner and a movie on saturday and then we had girls night on sunday! Girls night was so much fun! Kristin planned it so well and i even planned a fun activity for it! She has stations all set up for paticures and manicures and facials! we all brought low fat point friendly foods which really helped us with our diets!we kept to our diets by planning ahead. all three of us ate low point breakfasts and lunches as to save our points for the night. we grabbed a plate and counted the points for each food that went into our mouths and encouraged eachother not to over enduldge! i was just so proud of us b/c in the past we would crunble from our diet when we all got together. But anyways we had a great night making stress balls have a search a work contest whick laura won because she has a process... CHEATER! haha all our nails and toes looks fantasic and our faces were glowing! it was so much fun to have all of use together. we laughed and talked and laughed some more! what more could you really ask for in a girls night?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Movie review: Journey to the Center of the Earth

Journey to the Center of the Earth

Mat and i had a great date night on Saturday and went and saw Journey of the center of the earth. It was such a fun movie! it is made in 3D but is only played in 3D at select movie theatres so we weren't able to see it in 3D which i am sure would be would have made it ten times better. But never the less the movie was great! i didn't really know what to expect but i was on the edge of my seat the whole time. you can ask mat i grabbed his arm more then a few times during the movie. It is such a fun story about an scientist uncle and his nephew discovers the kids missing for 10 years dads (the scientist brother) notes in the book a journey to the center of the earth and they go to invest them. They get into a few mishaps while exploring and end up stuck in the center of the earth. The images and characters they create in this movie really is jaw dropping! i really would love to watch it again in 3D!!!

Birthday Gift # 4

Well Friday was my birthday day from Kristin. Our original plan was to hang just the two of us going to the Bellevue Art Museum then a Pic Nic then a craft and movies. It only changed just slightly when we learned that Kristin would have to watch her niece that day. So we decided to watch Sisterhood of the traveling pants. which i think was a better idea then the art museum because i really really really wanted to see that movie and i was convinced that i wasn't going to be able to see it. Then after the movie we headed back to Kristin's house and had a lovely pic nic next to the pool. we let her niece swim in the pool with her clothes on which really made her excited! after that we headed back indoors to bake some peanut butter cookies with Hersey kisses in the middle (this was my one day where i didn't count points but we didn't let ourselves go crazy because we didn't want to gain back the weight we had lost already) anyways it was a fun for us all to make the cookies. While they were baking her niece and i made fun videos of us dancing and that got her dancing for the rest of the day! after the cookies we just hung out till Taylor's mom came and picked her up and then it was our time! We headed to the store to pick up our pizza and snacks for the night. When we arrived back home Kristin reveled to me the craft projects that we had planned. We decorated canvas bags and painted light plate switches. Her bag turned out way better then mine because i lost all my inspiration once my iron on transfers didn't come out like i expected. But my light switch plate turned out pretty great! i painted it with a zebra pattern, my newest obsession! the rest of the night we just hung out and watched random u-tube videos and TV-shows and laughed. it was really great to hang out the two of us. This is what my idea for my birthday present ideas was all about: hanging out with my friends one on one and getting to connect again with each other!

Movie Review: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

I went to go watch this movie with Kristin on my birthday-day (blog about that to come) This movie was pretty great. Better than the first if i do say so myself! It is an amazing story about four friends who feel like they are growing apart as they grow up in college and become adults. On their summer break they each go their separate ways and encounter things that change them forever. If thought this movie was really well done and although they skipped books 2 and 3 they did a great job at catching us up with the characters. This movie made me feel all warm a fuzzy inside and i was glad that i was able to watch it with Kristin! it is only every once in a while when i get to see a good chick flick. only down side was that her seven year old niece was there and she got bored and was talking too loud and the couple behind us had a baby that toward the end was getting a bit fussy but i was able to get into the movie enough to cry. i recommend all women/girls go see it with their best friends!