Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

OK well i know i have post in the past that i have started my diet again... yeah i didn't stick to it as usual. I am starting again and i and going to give it my best! i feel as i write this that people are rolling their eyes at me. so this is restart number 2 since I've gotten this blog... we will see how many times i restart! but this time i have goals set and rewards for each goal... these are things that will keep me motivated and hopefully keep me on track!

5lb down: Bubble bath with face mask

10lbs down: pedicure

15lbs down: brand new hard cover book and a day of reading

19.5lbs down (10%): manicure

20lbs down: black dress night with girls

25lbs down: car wash done by someone else

30lbs down: new top

35lbs down: new jeans

40lbs down: massage

45lbs down: fitting for new bra and matching panties

50lbs down: GOAL!!! Designer Shoes!

I'll also be putting two dollars into a jar for every pounds i lose to hopefully have 100 dollars saved by the time i have reached my goal to go towards my designer shoes!

So wish me luck and slap my hand when i reach for something bad! damn it i will be skinny!

Friday, October 24, 2008

a little discouraged

so I have been babysitting now for a little over a month and I think I do a pretty good job and i'm pretty sure the kid likes me but a few days ago the mom asked me if me and lexi were getting along. I thought maybe it was because one day she was pretty moody and tired but wouldn't sleep(her mom said she had a soar throat that night). her mom said something about lexi saying she didn't want me to watch her which I thought was pretty upsetting cause I thought we were getting along. then today when the mom left for work she asked me if I though if lexi was doing Ok... the mom said it seemed like lexi has been acting weird. I don't know what i'm doing or if i'm doing anything but I just feel like the mom thinks that lexi is miserable with me or something. it didn't make it any better that when the mom got home from work the other day lexi woke up from her nap crying. she has never woken up crying. and she rarely cries while I watch her. she hadn't been eating i'm pretty sure she has been sick for the past week or so but the mom didn't have any special instructions or medicine for the girl.. she has been sneezing but I wouldn't give the kid medicine without the mom telling me to. the girl seems back to normal today. she ate breakfast and lunch and she has been talking more and isn't as easily upset. i'm sure the girl was just sick but it is frustrating that the mom doesn't realize that. I am going to try and leave more of an update for the mom each day... it is hard though cause I don't seem her half the time that i'm done babysitting... either the older sister or the dad take over when i have to go to work. I know I am always full of self doubt when it comes to things like this cause I do%mt want people to think i'm doing a bad job.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

something new i've found on the internet

well there is yet another thing on the internet for me to be obessed about.... twitter. it is basically like myspace moods but that is all it is.. and it is super fun and addicting! the only bad thing is that i don't knwo very many people with twitter so i am lonely... won't you join me with a twitter account?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Miss VEGAS!!!!

So Vegas has been and probably always be my favorite place to vacation! It is amazing to me how many people have never been there and all the people who have no desire to go. I am a traveler whom tries to make the most of a trip by cramming as much fun filled activities into a trip as possible. Vegas is a place where you can go a hundred times and have a different trip every time. I think Vegas gets a bad wrap as a crazy unsafe city that doesn't have anything to offer but over indigence and gambling. I for one am not a gambler what so ever. i will lose twenty bucks in about five minutes on a penny machine and be done gambling for a year! so Vegas has so much more to offer! it has so many fun attractions IE: wax museum, gondola rides, many roller coasters and arcades, tons of shopping and spas, hundreds of shows in all varying price ranges, the most amazing people watching, relaxing pools, hotels in every price range, easy to use transporting up and down the strip... i could go on and on and list all the thing i love about the city. I have traveled not to a lot of places but the places i have gone i can see not going back too many times. Such as San Francisco where we had tons of fun and did a lot in the couple days we were there but it seems like if we went there again we would end up doing some of the same things over and over again! don't get me wrong that trip was fantastic but we always long for Vegas! I have started listening to my favorite pod cast again now that my zune is fixed... It is Five Hundy by Midnight.. a pod cast about Vegas! they are a couple who lives in MN but loves Vegas so much that they do a weekly pod cast about Vegas news. they have a pretty big following and they encourage you to call them while you are in Vegas and they play the calls on their show! it is fun to hear weekly updates about Vegas! The last time mat and i went to Vegas (a surprise trip for mat's birthday) i actually called into the show and left a voice mail and they played it on the air. it was pretty fun!

i hope to plan my next trip to Vegas pretty soon. I am hoping to fly my mom out for her 50Th birthday (the trip will take place a couple months before her birthday b/c it is TOO hot the in July) I'm excited to treat my mom to Vegas and show her all the new stuff they have to offer. The last time we were there together is when we all went down when i was in like sixth grade or younger. we stayed with Jeff's parents at their house and so they didn't get the whole experience! I know that they will love it down there and i can't wait to show them all the things that have changed!

Monday, October 13, 2008

First annual game night

lLast night Mat and i hosted the first annual game night at our new home. We don't have a dining room table yet but we all still gathered around our coffee table and had a great night playing games for hours!

I planned the night with a Mexican fiesta theme. I made my mando deluxe nachos and some tacitoes, Linnea's seven layer dip and had tortilla chips. We made margaritas and had Corona for the guys. To finish it up i had a margarita cake for dessert. it tasted pretty much like an orange pudding cake, pretty yummy! everyone seemed to love everything so we didn't have any left overs except for some dip that i polished off today!

We started the game fun off with a rousing game of apples to apples. probably the all time best game for groups. we could seriously play it for hours. We stopped our selves before we did and played a few others. Scene it, loaded questions, channel surfing (which got pretty competitive and we had to end the game quickly)and our made up cranium version of Pictionary.

over all i think the night went well. the only thing that disappointed me the most is that the friends who i would have thought would have enjoyed the game night the most weren't able to make it due to other plans. i hope that if i make this a monthly on going thing all of my friend will at least be able to make it to one game night! Our next we have decided to make a Jamaican themed night... think Jamaican jerk chicken, red stripe beer, and reggae music!

Friday, October 10, 2008

i have to say i love my girls and i absolutly love this picture of us! this is from halloween last year! i can't wait to see the cute costumes we come up with this year!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

i love this blog!

we'll as you can see i have been changing around my blog and it's layout for a little while now. At first i really liked my new layout but after a while it felt too busy and i felt like you couldn't read everything without a lot of distraction. So i went and looked for a new layout and i think i have come to one that i will keep around for a while. I found the layouts on another blog... She has a ton of layouts to choose from and she provides step by step instructions on how to do it. trust me i didn't have a clue on how to change the background on my blog! i also added a fun header and removed the dotted lines that plagued my new layout. I'm not sure about any other pages that provide layouts but I'm sure i will be looking around.

Changing around my blog got me thinking. I have had people ask me why i would have a blog. a blog that is basically public for god knows who will read. at first all i could think of was why not, i like to talk about myself. but i thought about it a little more and i realized that when ever i have written in a journal i have always wondered what people would say if they were to read it. i wondered if what i wrote someone else could connect to and maybe knowing how i felt would make them feel like they aren't so alone. or maybe if i knew people where reading what i had to say and cared about what i had to say maybe i wouldn't feel so alone. i also realized that i am not a privet person. not even in the slightest. i try not to do things in my personal life that i would be ashamed if people knew about me. In fact i, a lot for times, am proud of the things that i do and i feel that if i share it with people they will better understand the person i am and the person i am becoming as i grow. Finally i also thought about the future. it would be absolutely amazing to look back at this blog and see all the things i have gone through and all the things i have had to say about my relationships and myself. Maybe one day I'll look back on this for my wedding to help me write my vows or look back on this when i have children to remember the simpler days. maybe I'll look back at the struggles I've had and learn from my mistakes or realize something about myself i didn't realize at the time. all of these reasons and more are the reasons i keep a blog.

so whether you love or hate what i write this is me and this is how i am feeling at any given time. nothing i write is ever meant to offend someone and there might even be times that i write how i am feeling and my feelings will change the very next day but at least i will be able to remember these times and remember who i am!

Monday, October 6, 2008

this fall

well I have noticed that people have started posting their fall decorations. well I have been broke and super busy and I haven't got much to show but I did paint my first pumpkin of fall last monday to place by my front door.

i'm feelin the stress today!

Well last night i had such a great and care free night at work. Kristin was my midnight checker so i hustled to get all my work done so that i could hang with her for a while . we hung out up front the last hour of our night just chatting... it was so slow! after we were off we left the book in produce that we had got for Laura's man and headed it our car. Kristin parked next to me. i yelled goodbye and hopped into my car excited for the heater to start warming me when i turn the ignition to hear.... NOTHING!!!!! that's right zippo... it was silent. i thought maybe it is the battery and i left my lights on and Kristin can give me a jump... but my lights went on.. all of them! so no quick fix for me. now i know NOTHING about cars but may it is the starter. i posted a question on yahoo questions and within just a few minute i have gotten a few suggestions to my problem... a faulty switch plate... the starter...the starter solenoid (they suggested tapping it with a screw driver... like i would even know where to tap!) Yes well this couldn't have some at a better time as we have moved 20 minutes from work and now have to share a car... as well as i have to babysit. so there will be a bit of driving back and forth and wasting gas as well as wasting time. and tomorrow when i am done babysitting I'll have to walk to Safeway! i hope it's not raining!

Friday, October 3, 2008

trying to blog from my phone

OK well i finally got the post about my anniversary done... i had sent the whole thing from my phone and it seemed it not have sent most of the words so i resent it several times and now the whole thing is completed and you all can read about ALL of our anniversary and the good time we had!

oh and thanks so much for all of your comments

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Perfect Day

I woke up yesterday with excitement. so excited in fact that I couldn't sleep past 8am. so I tip toed out of the bedroom with my bag of treats: a scavenger hunt I had planned for mat. because we moved we have been a bit broke the past couple weeks so we decided not to do a whole lot for our three year anniversary. I wanted to still do something special. I hid five clues around the apartment. they were attached to some candy and a love coupon he could cash in later. I made a breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, watermelon and oj. I gathered it all on a tray and brought it into the bedroom to wake up mat. after we had ate our breakfast I ran back into the kitchen to grab the bouquet of slim jims and nerds ropes I had made that held the first clue. he was a little confused at first but got the clue right away. it was fun to watch him search for each clue. I think once he got the third clue he said "is this a game or something?" I was worried that he wouldn't go for a scavengerhunt and that's why I kept it in the apartment mostly. he found all the clues... with just a little help from me... the last clue led him outside to the backseat of his car where I had a card balloon and movie waiting for him...

he really seemed to enjoy the hunt.... maybe next time i'll branch out from the apartment. the night before I had come home from work to find flowers and a card in front of the door as I walked in. the flowers were my favorite star gazer lillys while the card was labeled don't open till 3pm oct 1st. once we were done with the hunt mat said I could open the card. it was a fun card that reviled that at three I would go for a manicure peticure on him. I knew he must have something planned while I was gone so my mind was racing a mile a minute but I was excited to get my nails done. I was gone for about an hour getting pampered. when I walked in the door arriving home mat ran up behind me and covered my eyes. he led me into our home and reviled an indoor pic nic he had sat up. he knew how much I loved pic nics and he used the stuff from my pic nic basket! he had the tv off and my favorite reggie music playing. we sat and enjoyed our lunch with the sun streaming in through the window. (he was going to set it up outside but there are too many kids in our apartments.) this was my favorite part of the day. such a thoughtful gift and was something I would never guess mat would plan.

after the pic nic we had some time to spare so we went to check out the mill creek town center, which I must say isn't that great but we went to the central market where we picked up some champagne and canberry juice for later. after that I got ready for dinner and we headed to maggiannos little italy. we each got a drink and split a caesars salad to start. for dinner he got salmon and I got three cheese ravioli. we both loved our dinner! we also got dessert, their pound cake with vanilla bean ice cream and bananas. it was all so yummy and we basically had to be rolled out of there. we ended our night at home with a fire in our fire place two glasses of champagne and two really bad movies! fyi: don't watch pulse 2 or the love guru.