Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday gift #1

What a great time Tara and i had! It all started at 7:45 am on Monday morning (after Tara was 45 minutes late) she texted me to tell me she was here to pick me up so i grabbed my bags and headed out the door. taped to her passenger window was an envelope marked clue #1. I opened it and all it said was Cashmere. The only thing i knew from that was that it was a town.... of course i had no idea where that town was or what we would be doing there. So we headed out on the road taking 522 to Monroe and then heading over the pass. half way over the pass Tara gave me another clue to look under my seat.Under my seat i found a water proof camera and another clue to look in the center console of her car. in there i found a small box containing a charm, for my bracelet she got us all when we went to Vegas, of a raft.... this is when i started to realize what we were doing... with that charm came another clue that said look in the glove box. in there i found a folder that told me that we were heading to Cashmere to go white water rafting which would end with a BBQ steak dinner and then we would be staying at a bed and breakfast in Leavenworth! I was so excited i could nearly cry! what a great gift... and how she presented it was so creative and thoughtful. in this folder she has carefully cut out and presented all the info for the weekend including a little history of Leavenworth. such a great detail to make this trip feel even more special! Needless to say we had a blast.. white water rafting was so much fun and what a perfect day for it! the sun was out and the river was a perfect temperature! we shared the raft with a couple and a family. the family was really great and the daughter who was about seven I'd say totally loved hanging out with us! the couple however were quite annoying. the women would get all pissy because she would get splashed! What the hell she was doing white water rafting i had no idea! but we didn't let them ruin our trip! after the trip we headed to Leavenworth and explored the shops a little bit. it was so much fun to go though the shops. we bought some cheese and sausage for the night and then headed to Safeway for some bread. we then headed to the B&B. It was a little awkward at first because we were basically staying at someones house (we were the only guests) but we were shown our room and then basically left alone which was great. we had full run of the down stairs where we had a big screen TV and a comfy couch. we hung out and barely staid awake to watch two movies. The next morning we woke up early... boy was it hard but we had to make it to

breakfast at 8am because they were making it basically just for us and boy would it have been rude to not go plus that is the whole point of staying in a B&B but boy was it hard getting up. The breakfast was so yummy! we had egg pie with potatoes and bacon and fruit and sweetish pancakes with homemade jam which was SSOOO good! everything was delightful! we sat and ate and chatted with the couple who owned the business for a while and really got comfortable with the whole B&B idea. After breakfast we headed over the Lake Wenatche
state park where were used to go camping every summer as children with my family and hers once or twice. It was so fun to see the old area even though the weather wasn't so great. after that we went to our all time favorite restaurant... the 59r diner! what a great place and not a thing had changed. we sat in the booth right in front under the Elvis memorabilia and feed a few quarters into the juke box and ordered a couple peanut butter shakes! we sat and reminisced about our trips here ever summer and then got in the car and headed home... tired from the whirl wind trip we had just enjoyed!

Monday, July 28, 2008

wakin up early

well here i am awake and dressed before 7am b/c Tara is on her way to pick me up to take me out for my birthday surprise! This year instead of presents i ask each of my friends to take me out for the day for a little one on one time. I feel like i am always trying to hang out with everyone all at the same time that i never really get to hang out with my friends just one on. I need to reconnect with each of my friends and get to know them one on one again. so today is my day with Tara. she is the only one who hasn't told me what we are doing and it is an over night thing so this should be interesting. I'm sure it will be fun b/c Tara is pretty darn fun but also knowing Tara this could be absolutely ANYTHING!!!!

wish me luck!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

World traveler

Wel lfor my birthday this year my grandmother gave me such a great and thoughtful gift! She gave me a glass globe paper weight and a london luggage tag. and yeah that doesn't sound oh so exciting but what she said when she gave them to me is what realyl touched me. She said she see's me traveling the world and she thinks the first international place she see's me going is london! I have always wanted to travel and see the world and to have her say she see's me doing that realyl got me excited! Also mat's mom said on my birthday that she see's us as travelers and we won't have kids till we are 30 because we want to travel. These thoughts for us is so exciting for me and i hope that they are right. well since they thought this for us i thought i would compile a list of places i want to go...

*London, England: first on the list b/c it is fun that my grandma thought this would be the first international place i would travel

*Tokyo, Japan: I would love to travel here b/c it would be so interesting to see how the tecnology they have to offer as well as seeing how they mix that with their japanese customs.

*Cabo/TJ, Mexico: i know it seems like such a simple place and so close but it would be so much fun i take a cruise and enjoy the beaches of mexico.

*Amsterdam: This is just seems like a place that would be interesting to go b/c of the "window shopping and coffee houses" they have to offer.. hahahaha i saw i guy with a t-shirt the other day talkin about that stuff.

*Australla: I would love to go here and surf on the beaches.... not that i know how to surf but this would be the best place to try it out

*New York City, USA: Well of course there are places in the US that i want to go too.. .this of course for the shopping and just the excitment of city life

*Miami/disney world, florida, USA: you hear so much about the beauty of florida it would be fun to go anywhere there but of course miami and disney world would be the top of the list

*Coney Island, USA: i would love to go here anytime but idealy on the first of july to really see all the crazy crowds and of course the famous hot dog eating contest!

*Paris, France: i had some resistance to put this on my list b/c it seems like this is on the top of everyone's lists.... it defintly isn't on my top but i know that i would enjoy going there so i'll put it on the list

*The Bahama's: but of course.... who wouldn't want to go and relax on the beaches and enjoy the sun?

I'm sure there are a million other places i want to travel to and i will continue to update this list everytime i think of another place but this is a pretty good start.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Diet

well i am on my day two of restarting my diet! hahaha god how many times have i started and stopped my diet i have NO idea!! but this time i am really really really gonna do it... i made it through yesterday without pigging out after i got home from work and i think that if i made it through yesterday i can do it all week right?! we went grocery shopping and i stocked up on all good foods and stuff to bring lunches i am making jumbalya and turkey sausage right now so i can eat it before i go to work and enjoy it for the rest of the week. also being on my diet and making food for myself is helping me not spend so much money i swear a quarter of my pay check goes to food at work normally and that is just no good! it is amazing going a couple days without spending any money! i love it!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A fan of positive re-enforcement!

Well I'm back at work now and i haven't had a bad day in the three days that I've been back and sad to say that is surprising... even yesterday when it was crazy busy and i had a slow ass checker till eleven and i could barely get my work done i still was in a great mood! I credit this to positive re-enforcement.... The second day (Wednesday) that i worked our district manager was in the store and he came up to talk to me (first time meeting him) and he asks me when i am going to sign up for 2nd assistant and how much he has heard about me doin a great job and how if i work at it i can work my way up and that it happens fast and all this stuff and i felt so great after talking to him because i always doubt my work and i wonder if anyone notices if i work or if i don't and so on. OK so then yesterday (my third day of work) i got my evaluation. and i couldn't ask for a better evaluation. she said that she really liked my work ethic and that i constantly got my work done and that i was the top PIC since they made me a PIC and then named off all the PIC's in our store and said that with all the knowledge that me being the top PIC is a pretty great thing. I was really proud of myself. So why am i a fan of positive re-enforcement? well all this week i have worked.... and worked hard... usually i will find myself getting tired at the end of the night and kinda slacking on the job and part of the reason i let myself slack is that i didn't think they noticed when i would work or not work so why work.... but with the feed back i got i want to continue to show them that i am a great worker and a loyal employee and i have been hard at work this week and i hope i can keep it up!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breaking ties

So we did it yesterday... we broke up with Maika! hahaha sounds so silly but yeah... we all agreed that she wasn't a friend worth having. so i said to her that i felt that we were growing apart and we had different priorities and that maybe we were too different and that we needed to give each other space to live out lives. She in turn made it seem like this was coming out of no where and that she was completely shocked when i said i felt like it was a one sided friendship. We all are sick of worrying about if she is going to approve what we are doing or if she is going to get upset and not talk to us for a month. we do so many things that are thoughtful and kinda for each of our friends. we are always bring each other little presents to show how much we care... we all make an effort to make time to get together and she doesn't seem to see us as a priority yet she always has time for whatever new boyfriend she has. It is amazing how she is so oblivious to how she acts. even when her parents kicked her out. i was sure that they weren't lying about the way she way acting. not that i think that should be a reason for them to give up on their daughter and kick her out but we could see where they were coming from. I felt that i had to tell her how we felt rather than just slowly drifting apart from her which would have been easier because i feel she needs to realizes the way she acts and treats other people. hopefully she will be able to have a great life and relationships in the future and who know maybe we will cross paths again but probably not.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camping is like Heaven!

after summer jam we drove up to laura's trailer in anacortus and spend a couple of nights! it was so relaxing waking up and just hangin out. we rode her ski doos all day and drank all night what else could you ask for!? This place is so wonderful and relaxing we are hoping we will be able to head up there a couple more times before the summer is over and hopefully stay a little longer.

Summer Jam

Man so we went to summer jam and boy was it an interesting time there! the whole fun of the concert was sitting around enjoying the view and people watching... music was just a nice bonus to the trip! People were so drunk and so high and wearing the craziest things that you couldn't help but stare! There were three fights that we saw... Tara saw the really good one where a bunch of little white girls got in a fight over god knows what and started beating each other with the flip fops... pulling each others hair.... Kristin and i were so sad we missed it! but we walked by later and laying on the ground was a flip flop and broken sun glasses pieces.. so funny! there there were so many people walking around so drunk their friends had to help them walk. Kristin and i were walking down the stairs and these guys right in front of us just puked while he was walking...twice. it was so funny yet gross cause just a few hours earlier Kristin and i were nursing hang overs from my birthday party!

My Birthday Party

Well My birthday party was pretty awesome!!! Kristin did a great job of making it all look super fun and festive. It was a luia themed party and it was so nice just to hang around the pool and relax with my friends. the cake she made was pretty much super fantastic and i would never think of anything better. it was a barbie hula skirt so cool! Also my idea for my birthday presents was that each of my friend would take me out for a day of one on one fun so most everyone came with a creative way of telling me what we will be doing with each other. Tara is doing some sneaky trip that she won"t tell me about but it should be pretty fun we are going next Monday. Then Laura is taking me Para sailing which should be pretty awesome! Kristin has a whole day planned with fun actives and well as Linnea does! it all should be really fun but the really great part will be to be able to hang out with my girls one on one and reconnect with them! OK But the DRAMA of my birthday party is what is still bothering me. I have helped maika move twice in one month and bought her a seventy dollar gift basket of things for her house and she showed up eight hours late to my birthday party then didn't stay for the whole thing b/c she conveniently forgot her id. THEN we were all planning on going to summer jam the next day and she tells us that day that she isn't going. It is so frustrating to do so much for a friend who seems to just take advantage of our help and then gives nothing in return. We have gone through this with her over and over again and we are constantly asking ourselves why we are still friends with her and i think this was the last straw. we can't take this anymore. why should we be putting in so much work for this friendship when she isn't putting in any work. Now we are just trying to figure out what to do... should we let her know that because this friendship is one sided and we don't want tot put up with it anymore and or do we just ignore her and fase her out of our life? We just don't know but we do know that we aren't going to put up with it anymore!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Goodness am i tired!!!

Well yesterday moving maika went so much better than i thought it would... we got all of her stuff out of storage in little over an hour and than moving her into her apartment wasn't too bad either. We then went to pick up a couch and table that you was buying from someone off craigs list and that was the hardest part.. that couch was so heavy! then we got the couch to her house and it smelled like indian food and boy was that oh so much fun!! we sprayed the couch with two bottles of fabreez and washed the pillows and it still smelled.. hopefully maika can live with it! but her apartment is so cute and totally her and she will have so much fun living by herself i think and i am so excited for her!
then today my mom, grams and i drove down to Mt rainer and spent the day there. it was so nice out and the views were just beautiful! It was amaxing that there was still TONs of snow up there. i had no idea that snow lasted that long up there. maybe it is because we had such a crappy spring leading into summer that it hasn't been hot for long enough to melt it all this year. Either way the trip was simply wonderful and we had so much fun. I don't remember a day where i laughed so much in a long time! besides having to PEE every hour and becoming cross eyed because i was so tired it was pretty much perfect!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Good Morning ya'll

Well today was going to be my last day to sit around the house and do nothing before we did my birthday stuff and summer jam and camping but instead i volunteered to help Maika move into her new apartment. but you know what that is why i am every one's best friend. b/c if i can i Will be there for you and i will do my best to make things feel special and important. so i am coming with a care package to help maika transition into her first apartment and you know what i think she is really gonna love it. she said she was scared but it is going to be great! I'm so excited for her! It is such a sad situation being kicked out of her parents house for doing absolutely NOTHING wrong. they don't even know her... they have assumed that she is this horrible person and she has got to be the most moral most respectable girl there is around here. OK well wish us luck i am hoping to get it all done in one trip.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

smoky skies

Once we got into Cali and the sun had risen we saw the effects of the wild fires in California. everything was all smokey and it smelled of smoke... i didn't know how people could live in this smoke it seems like it could cause lung damage that is how bad it was!

Shannon Dancing

This is mat's cousins kid Shannon... she is three years old but acts much older.. such a cute kids super smart, super nice and super friendly.

Cobra Roller Coaster

We went on this roller caoster b/c the line was short and when we were getting on we were thinkin what a joke this roller coaster would be so i figured i would record it and it turned out to be a bit faster than we thought... good times we were both proud of al lthe rides i actually went on... we also went on the tony hawk roller coaster that was there... we voted that the best coaster in the park.

First day home

Well we made it home!!! It was a long trip but it really helped to break it up!! Shopping in portland was fun.. .the mall there is amazing even though i was kinda tired and not in a big shopping mood i got a few good things and we made a stop at wal-mart to stock up on house hold stuff with no tax.. we are pretty exciting eh?! we both agree that our fav part of the trip was the biking to the bridge and hangin on the pier. we have alot of relaxing to do in the last part of our vacation. hhmmm... i don't have lot to say but i am gonna put up a few more pictures from our trip as well as i am going to try to put up a few of the videos i have.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

heading home

we are one our way home right now. about 200 miles out side portland. we are gonna stop there to do some shopping then head home. we stayed last night just inside oregon in medford at a motel six... I couldn't drive thought the night again. this trip has been absolutely amazing! we have done so much! yesterday we spent the day with mats family at his aunt brenda house...they made bbq and we sat in the back yard and played badmitten and talked his cousins kid shannon was there she is so cute.... I also met his cousin and his wife. it was so much fun cause he was trying to convince mat to get married and all that great stuff. so funny. the day before that we went to six flags which was tons of fun also. we woke up and checked out of our hotel did some shopping in downtown san fran. the forever 21 is the biggest and best store in the world. I got three tank tops from there. we then headed to vallego and checked into a motel and went to 6 flags. we want on a few rides enjoyed some garlic fries and stayet till it closed. the day before that (sat I think) we did all the tourist stuff in san fran which was pretty amazing as well.... we rode the the trolley street car down the fishermans wharf. rented bikes rode to the golden gate bridge and back then ate lunch on the peir at a place called whip out and surfer theme restraunt the food was pretty darn yummy. then we went on a one hour cruise around the bay which was pretty awesome. over all we did pretty much every thing we wanted and possibly more.... we couldn't have asked for the trip to go anymore smoothly or get better weather. this I have to say might be one of our best trips. it is going to be hard to beat.

All of my pictures are on my myspace page :

Saturday, July 12, 2008

day two of our adventure.

my goodness I have a lot to say but I am not going to go into a lot of detail cause I have better things to do... he he.... well the last leg of our drive went well.... we drove right into the wild fires in cali. we could see them up on the hills before the sun rose and once it did rise we were driving through pure smoke. we could smell the fires. it was crazy. but finally we made it. we had to pay a four dollar toll to get into the city which neither of us had done so that was interesting. our room wasn't ready when we arrived so we had to check our bags and wonder the city. we left our map in the car so we had no idea where to go so we just wondered. lucky our hotel is right in the middle of everything. seriously i don't think mat could have choose a better hotel. the huge mall is right across the street as well as the worlds largest forever 21 one of my fav stores. we are also by the trolleys and busses. so we wondered just to get a feel of everything. but and without a map I just got confused and overwhelmed. it's weird to think I always go places were I know where i'm going but I must because not knowing where anything is at all is the strangest feeling. so we wondered... picked up some beverages for our room and headed back to get our room around 1130. man did mat pick a great hotel! we are on the 21st floor. our huge bed had tonds of pillows and a down comforter and a huge flat screen tv. overall it is quite beautiful! so we took showers... much needed after driving all night and then took a quick two hour or so nap. we woke and were ready for the day around three and we were striving so we headed to the mall grabbed a bite to eat and did some shopping. I have to tell you san frantically has the best shopping.... has all the store we shop at.... we also wondered down to china town and explode down there... pretty fun area and I got some pretty awesome suvoneers! we wondered back through little italy I think... pretty sure... we had a yummy dinner at the steak and wine restraunt... I got a pork chop just to try something new... it was good but it was no steak... reminder to shelf don't get pork when you could get a steak. we then wondered around a bit more went to a bar and had a drink. we were gonna go see a movie but decided to skip it because we were both pretty tired and we were enjoying ourselves in our room. today we are heading down to fisherman wharf for tons of fun tourist things to do! wish us luck!

Friday, July 11, 2008


we are on the road right now on our way to san fran. it is four in the morning and I can not sleep in the car! so far the trip has been pretty interesting... we stopped in south center to get drinks and have quiznos for dinner. I got pulled over just outside olympia for going 75 in a 6? zone and got a ticket for 113 bucks! we have run into three traffic jams. mostly because of all the damn construction but we did see a trailer that had cought on fire (overheated probably) and over half of the thing was completely burned up and gone. we stopped for gas in oregon and found u can self pump at 4am. we are still 293 miles out from san fran. we know this because of the way fun gps system we have in the car. it estimates that we have 4 hours and 5 minutes. hmmm I can't think of anything to mention except we can't wait to get to the hotel to get some shut eye before we head out to explore the city.... you can't say san Fran down here or u will be mocked... or so I read online. oh and we r excited for mc donald breakfast!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

trying this from my phone

I am just testing to see if I will be able to blog while I am on vacation from my phone. this is pretty exciting that I can... I will never be disconnected again! we are gonna leave tonight around eight and drive through the night. it shall be fun... pretty intense in the car that whole time but we will make it and it will be so worth it. I can't wait to be able to blog and update myspace while in san fran. even though no one reads this really but it is fun to do anyways.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

last day of worK!!!

Yesterday was super fun!! We went and got our toes done at eleven then we headed out to down town Kirkland for lunch. in my last blog i said we were going to Seattle cause Tara had texted me and said down town and i just kinda thought Seattle. but anyways we went to the Kirkland water front for lunch at the slip.. the smallest full service restaurant in Washington. during lunch we decided we needed to go camping asap!! so we are going to Laura's trailer thing after summer jam. for the next two weeks i have ALOT of fun... jam packed!!! So tomorrow we are driving down to San Francisco and staying till Monday or something then we get back and we have the week to relax (my birthday is Wednesday) then Thursday or Fri i am going to Mt Rainer with my mom and grams for our birthdays. then sat is my birthday party: pool side, planned by Kristin. Sunday is summer jam, right after summer jam we are driving up to the trailer and staying till Tuesday afternoon!!! talk about a GREAT birthday week! I'm so excited i am going to explode and it is going to be super hard to get through work today!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

another day

We are going to get our toes done today. then go to seattle. then i work at four!

Monday, July 7, 2008

getting excited!!!

Mat and I are leaving for San Fran in little over 3 days!!!! We got a 2 day San Fran Card that is like a pre-paid card for all the fun tourist things there is to do there! while going through the book of all the thing included i started a plan for our trip! I am most excited to explore a whole new city. Fisherman's Wharf is gonna be great... we will probably be there all Saturday. Sunday will be six flag! I also found this great looking restaurant Called the Cliff house. It has amazing views and the food looks so yummy. there is so much to do so i had to narrow down what we had to do... i choose fisherman's wharf and 6 flags as our main things and then shopping and exploring on the first day. i can't wait for all the photo opportunities and just the feeling of adventure!

Today is a Monday and we have planned to hang by the pool again today. this is because i have to work at four and so we didn't have much time to do anything else. of course we all love the pool so there is no problem with this! This time we are all going to wear sun screen!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mixed up emotions

Well yesterday was a pretty good day. i managed to be in a pretty good mood all yesterday... it helped alot that i didn't have to check in check stand three at all!! If one more person told me that there were lines through the debit machine screen i was going to slap them! I was very bored working because no one fun was working with me at all. i actually kinda wondered around and got my work done for the most part. Shoot i just realized i didn't get a couple of my baskets filled! darn it i have got to remember to do that tonight! ;-P

Anyways the meaning to my title of this blog is that i feel like a care care care about everything so much and i am always trying to make sure everyone is happy and involved and feel like they are cared for because all of my friends are extremely important to me. but then there comes a point when all my caring doesn't seem to make a difference and it feels like no one seems to care or appreciate things i do. When i plan things i put so much though into it. I plan things i know that everyone would enjoy. i try my best not to choose things that someone wouldn't be able to afford or wouldn't enjoy. i am always the one to step up to the plate and begin the planning. I wonder sometimes what we would do and when we would hang out if i wasn't thing one who made the plans and came up with the activity. I try to plan so that everyone can hang out with us. But it always seems that something comes up and no one seem to want to work with me on the plan..... there have been times when every single person has a conflicting scheduling thing but we all still wanna hang out and yet no one is offering any idea on how we can make it work .people never even seem interested in helping plan things... it is ALOT of work and really I have gotten to the point where i don't even want to try anymore.

OK so really my problem is that i should be hurt or upset over not feeling appreciated but i end up just being angry and frustrated which in turn makes me look like a bitch. I wish that i could just tell people how i feel and that it hurt me when they showed no interest in the plans i was trying to work out. That i was upset that everyone couldn't try to make it to the activity i set up. but instead i get mad a defencive and rude and everyone ends up hating me. I get mad but give me a day or even a few hours and i could be over it. I just need to figure out how to have the correct reaction to things so that the situation doesn't become more of a drama than it needs to be or one day i will just have no friends and it will be because i was hurt but was rude rather than sharing my feelings!

sometimes i say "Friends are too much work"

and people wonder why i don't talk to people i don't know.. i have no interest in meeting new people and making new friends b/c i have too much trouble trying to see and hang out with the handful of important people i have in my life now.

Ok well i hate to write this and have people hate me but i had to get this off my chest becasue it ends up bugging me and maybe now everyone will know how i feel. i know i can't stop caring even though there are times that i wish i could, so i need to learn to control my reactions.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yesterday was hell!

I am so sick of all my mood swings!!!!!!!!! i blame it all on work but there has to be some reason that every little things annoys me so much! OK so i made cup cakes and got dress all festive for the forth yesterday and i was determined to be in a good mood even though i had to work on the forth of July but as soon as i get to work i become the biggest grump in the world! i hate it. i was absolutely miserable for the first half of my shift and i just wanted to yell at ever single customer! i hate days like that! it seem to happen every once in a while and i just can't control it. i try and figure out what i do before work. i think about how late I've slept what i ate all these factors that might affect my mood and i still can't figure out what gets me into these funks!

OK well i am hoping today will be a great day. i am going to try my best to be in a good mood and get tons of work done and hopefully the day will go fast. you know i woke up thinking it was Sunday... wouldn't that be great one day closer to vacation!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!!

(picture from 7-4-07 at the Seattle Center house)

Well it is the 4th of july and what am i doing today? U guessed it... WORKING!!!!! we weren't allowed to request any schedule changes today but i was just hoping Shanna (our schedule maker) would be oh so kinda as to not have me work till midnight on the 4th of july... no such luck!!! So i get to be bitter all day today! it just makes me sad b/c i still love watching the fire works..... i just stand there with my mouth open!!! But anyways to help me not be so bitter i have decided to make red white and blue cup cakes of everyone who has to work at night on the 4th!!! I hope everyone enjoys them and it brightens their moods even though we are all stuck at work!

Last year on the forth of july Mat and i watched the parade in down town kirkland then went to Daryl and Lauras house for BBQ then we all headed to seattle where we went to the Qucki Mart (SP) and then watched the fire work at St Edwards Park... It was alot of fun even though once again i got super sun burned! hahaha the only thing that is helping me get through these ten days of working without a day off is that at the end i will be going on a fun and new vacation!!!
Picture of my cupcakes that i made for my co-workers!! ~~>

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trying this out

Well i have decided to try out this whole blogging thing because it seems like something i should enjoy doing. I mean hell, it is all about talkin' about myself... why wouldn't i LOVE this right?!I also figured it is the summer and I will hopefully be doing alot so maybe i will have some things to actually write about.
Mat and i are going to be heading to San Fran in 7 days for my birthday trip!! I took him to Vegas for his birthday and i decided that i didn't want to go there AGAIN. I want to travel and go to more places so we decided San Fran. We are going to drive down Thursday night and spend a few days... i am not sure of all the details b/c he is planning it all but one thing i know for sure is that it is going to be super fun! we have such a long list of things we want to do i know we won't be able to do it all. We are always so busy on vacations... we will need the few days we have left of vacation when we get home to recover.

Also this summer i have tried my best to enjoy every sunny day i can. The best sunny day i have enjoyed this summer was Monday. Kristin, Tara, Laura and I hung out by the pool for most of the day listening to music and laying in the sun. it is amazing how simple things like that can be the best memories. I did get a bit of a sun burn basically all over my body b/c i didn't put on an ounce of sunscreen. I learned my lesson and i will put sunscreen on from now on. The saddest part about getting sunburned is that i started to freak out about my skin looking old.... i don't want all this sun damage to ruin my skin forever. So have been putting on lotion like it will save my life. so funny. and yes i did realize that i could get skin cancer also. that freaked me out too but it went away when i realized that i would look old. how shallow am i?

Anyways there is so much i could "BLOG" about but i think i will just start with a clean slate.... No background info... we will just see how this summer will go!