Saturday, August 21, 2010

My birthday gift from Tara

We left early Wednesday morning and started our road trip down into Oregon. Our destination was the KOA campground in Astoria and we also wanted to explore Seaside and Cannon beach.
Our trip down involved a couple of random stops. One to a walmart where we got some much needed supplies like a lantern and speakers for our ipods.
Once we arrived at the camp ground we quickly checked in and set up camp then headed out to seaside to do some exploring. The sun was just starting to peak out as we arrived on Seaside and it was just beautiful. We wondered in and out of all the stores.This is us waiting for our deep fried snickers that we decided to try out by sharing oneDeep Fried Snickers!!Candy store where we got way too much candyOn the beach the first day

We played Skee Ball at the arcade

On Cannon beach after we went body surfing for over an hour. it was so amazing. i don't think i have ever actually swan in the Ocean. it was so much fun i could have done it all day long! After body surfing we changed into dry clothes and then headed to Mo's where we had lunch. I got the tuna melt and Tara got a bacon cheese burger then we split them to share. we both agreed the tuna melt was better ( seafood b/c we were at the ocean)

Our drive home was also quit an adventure. We stopped where ever we wanted which included a Ross, a drive down a long road in search of the Eagle sanctuary that we never found, a small park that had a naked baby and the parents smoking weed and drinking, a toll ferry that was more like a floating barge that we had no idea where it was taking us, and a stop at a camp ground thathad an amazing view of the Columbia river.

Over all the trip was amazing and we hating coming back home. I most defiantly want to make this a yearly trip if possible

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let's talk about Vegas!

As you have probably read in the past Mat and i LOVE Vegas! We went back in april for his and Tara's birthday, and since that was the period where I wasn't writing blog post i thought i would reminisce about it in a blog post for you guys!

It was a really fun trip with Tara, Kristin, Crystal, Willy, Mat and I. We love Vegas because every time we go it is a whole new experience. I try and do things we hadn't done on past trip because there is just so much to do.

This is a picture of all of us on our last night in vegas. We finished the night in Crystal and Willy's room just hangin out.

We smoked Cigars of the first time at a little Cigar bar in Cesare's after out dinner at Boa. It was fun because we were the only females in there other than the waitress and Mat looked like a total pimp.

We spent some time with Crystal and Willy in old Vegas but i had to leave early to meet up with the girls for our night at Thunder From Down Under. i also got to try a deep fried Oreo while in old vegas... Pretty amazing

Pic of me and the girls outside. We are all so beautiful!

This is all of us on our big night out. We had this corner booth in Rockhouse. This place wasn't super full but that's house we liked it. We did a good amount of dancing (and the waitress spilled a beer on Mat)

Tara, Kristin and I also enjoyed a night watching karaoke. These two guys were amazingly into it and sang several times. The little white guy actually hung out and talked to Tara most of the time. Everyone called him Stifler

(Tara is enjoying her's and Mat's birthday dinner at Boa. (mat picked the place b/c it is his favorite place b/c they make the ceaser salad right in front of you)

Over all it was an amazing trip and i am so glad we were able to enjoy it with Willy and Crystal because they are moving away now so I'm glad to have these memories with them.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OMG i'm writting a blog post!!

I'm not exactly sure how long it has been since the last time i wrote a blog post, simply b/c i forgot to check before i started to write this, but I'm excited to try and start up again! I miss recording all the fun things i have done in my life with my friends and family! I miss having an outlet to fully explain how i feel. I blame twitter to my lack of blogging. it seems that since i have an outlet to record everything i am doing, WHILE i am doing it, coming back and writing an entire blog post seems silly.

I have tried to peel myself away from my phone a bit recently and so i find that I have more of a need to blog about the whole experience of life back here. Don't get me wrong there hasn't been a real decline in my twitter use but while doing thing like hiking or tubing i have been trying to leave my phone behind. also my phone battery seems to not be lasting as long as i would like it to do so toward the end of the day between7-9pm my phone will die and there is the end of my 140 character blogging. Anyways i have a lot to blog about and a lot i have be doing in the past several months that i will be blogging about in random unorganized posts.

I hope you guys are excited that I'm back to blogging as much as i am and i hope that i keep up at it because it is so nice to have this record of my life!

things to looks forward to hearing about:
*summer fun in the sun
*promotion at work
*new and old friendships
*growing older
*losing/gaining weight
*things/people that inspire me
*dreams of the future
*debit horrors