Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OMG i'm writting a blog post!!

I'm not exactly sure how long it has been since the last time i wrote a blog post, simply b/c i forgot to check before i started to write this, but I'm excited to try and start up again! I miss recording all the fun things i have done in my life with my friends and family! I miss having an outlet to fully explain how i feel. I blame twitter to my lack of blogging. it seems that since i have an outlet to record everything i am doing, WHILE i am doing it, coming back and writing an entire blog post seems silly.

I have tried to peel myself away from my phone a bit recently and so i find that I have more of a need to blog about the whole experience of life back here. Don't get me wrong there hasn't been a real decline in my twitter use but while doing thing like hiking or tubing i have been trying to leave my phone behind. also my phone battery seems to not be lasting as long as i would like it to do so toward the end of the day between7-9pm my phone will die and there is the end of my 140 character blogging. Anyways i have a lot to blog about and a lot i have be doing in the past several months that i will be blogging about in random unorganized posts.

I hope you guys are excited that I'm back to blogging as much as i am and i hope that i keep up at it because it is so nice to have this record of my life!

things to looks forward to hearing about:
*summer fun in the sun
*promotion at work
*new and old friendships
*growing older
*losing/gaining weight
*things/people that inspire me
*dreams of the future
*debit horrors

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