Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm so NOT into the computer lately

OK guys here i am finally blogging a REAL blog! it had been so long and I'm not really sure why. it seems like lately i hate wasting my time on the computer when i have friends to hang out with with to do around the house or TV/movies to watch! I have been doing so much lately and i have been so happy it is amazing!

Work is going better than i could have ever thought it could when i moved to a new store. i am learning so much and everyone is so nice and genuine! i have become the in-store recruiter and hiring coordinator as well as the new hire mentor. I am going to a meeting to learn to do the scheduling. I have learned ICC which is receiving all the orders the store has. I have worked hard but it doesn't seem hard because everyone at the store works together. I am working with the produce on their service scores this quarter and so far this yr on the two shops they have gotten they are still at 100%.

In my personal life i am pretty happy as well. I have had some falling outs with a couple of my friends but i haven't let them get me completely down. I am too opinionated and i try to help too much without fulling thinking through my approach which results in fights and misunderstandings. I am working on letting things go that i have no control over and letting people make their own mistakes. it is a difficult thing to do when i see my friends so unhappy sometimes. i have been trying very hard to be able to hang out with all my friends and i feel like i have done a pretty good job lately...went ice skating with crystal and her kids. It was so much fun and it makes things like ice skating so much more fun with you have kids with you! they really enjoyed it and it was fun to watch them as they tried out ice skating for their first time... I went snow tubing with Laura and it was absolutely too much fun! I also was able to hang out with Linnea yesterday for a while and help her out around her house before her baby boy come! I love that i live just down the street from the girls (Tara and Kristin) because i am able to just stop by anytime for a visit... even if i should try and do it more often. i had Debbie and her little brother over the other night for dinner and a movie and it was really nice to be able to cook for people. I'm such a hostess.

Things with mat couldn't be any better. i was a bit worried when i changed stores and i wasn't going to be working with him anymore but i think it has made it nice because we have more to talk about! Also we don't get annoyed with each other and work and let it carry over to our home life. it is nice to be able to look forward to seeing him when i get off work.

Over all I'm doing pretty well i my life is moving ahead as i would like it to (god that sounds corny) I hope to take the RLD test here in the next couple of months and hopefully pass this time... If i pass i will began manager training and hopefully eventually become an assistant manager!

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