Sunday, November 7, 2010

updating my list of thing to do before i'm thirty

I've been thinking a lot of all the things i want to accomplish before I'm 30 lately and I was curious how I'm doin on the list i made...

*Party like a rock star

*Full day at a spa
(I've gotten a full body massage and a pedicure at one time but I'm not sure if I'd count this as a full day)

*lose 50lbs (once again on my diet unfortunately that 50 lbs is more like 80 these days)

*have a kid

*spoil my mom

*meet my dad

*better my credit

*week long vacation out of the country

*have a savings

*climb a rock wall

*be at least a second assistant (this is something i can say i have actually accomplished! it feels good to have SOMETHING crossed off the list)

*wear a pair of designer shoes with a little black dress

*volunteer regularly

So I haven't really done as much as I would like on this list and I only have 3.5 years to get these things done! It seems like a long time but damn does time fly! I think I need to start actively working on this list. So here's to accomplishing things in life!

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