Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day....WHATEVER... of Christmas

OK well I have to admit I just don't have time to blog every single day of these Days of Christmas. I am going to try and do it every couple days and I will choose the topics that I feel best suit me. Today I will be skipping day 4: Tips and tricks to budgeting because if you know me at ALL I am not the one to ask about budgeting. OK well I do give good advice but I don't live by that advice so no one should really listen to me!

Day 5: Favorite Movie or Special

My all time favorite Christmas movie is "One Magic Christmas". It is a very under rated Christmas movie but I think the way I was raised I just relate to it. It is about a family who has hit hard times and are really struggling to make it through the holiday season. The mom has completely lost the Christmas spirit. An angle appears to the little girl and helps the mom find the Christmas spirit. Now that is just an overview of the story but what I really remember about the movie is little scenes. I love when the little girls uses the bathroom and the bath tub over flows. I don't know why that scene has stuck with me through all these years. Also, the mom works in a grocery store and she makes announcements about the specials. Every time I make announcements at work I think about that part of the movie. I feel like the family is real and the situations are real. It isn't one of those overly fluffed up movies that could only be real in a world of make-believe. When I was younger I related to the young girl but now that I am getting older I relate more to the mom. It is a movie that has lasted through the ages with me.

If you haven't seen it I recommend at least checking it out once. It is usually shown on the hallmark or oxygen networks during the holiday season.

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