Friday, December 31, 2010

What a Year

I have had a grand year this 2010 and if nothing else it was damn busy!

i would try and do a recap but it wouldn't be complete because i know i would miss a BUNCH of important things that happened this year. It seems to me that the years tend to run together and go by way too fast as i get older.

I think the biggest change in my life this year is becoming a second assistant manager. This change has made me a harder worker and in turn makes me work longer hours. It also seems to have it's down fall like missing out on special moments or having to delay them (such as thanksgiving and christmas eve this year) Also it has made it so i don't have nearly as much time to do everything i want to do. I mean i have done a great amount of sewing a cooking and reading this year but in turn my house has been way messier then it should be a lot of the time, i have gained weight because i just don't want to think about my daily food, and the holiday season seemed rushed and almost forced.

Don't worry too much though, i always make an effort to make things feel special. I had some amazing times with my friends and family that were just random days we spent together. Some of my favs were making taco soup for nearly everyone i know. This is my go to meal these days. i hope to find another amazing recipe in 2011 that i can make for any person and get rave reviews. I painted pumpkins with my mom and grams something i had never really done with them but it seems to go over very well and i think it would be fun to make it a tradition.

I also lost friends. some just by not seeing them very often and some by disagreements. i hold the friend i have dearly but i am learning slowly to detach some of my emotions from friends in the interest of not getting hurt or hurting them. In the past i have been so invested in everyone that i, at times, have forced my out look into them. Having friends is a huge responsibility that gives you the greatest reward but if you abuse that responsibility it can also give you huge disappointment. This coming year i hope to not hurt anyones feelings and inturn i hope that people also try and not hurt mine. I will try my best not to cry over things i can't control and don't affect me. Everyone can live their own lives and i can live mine and as long as the times we have togther are great that's all that should matter.

Other goals i have for 2011 are fueled by my love of being domestic! i would LOVE to learn now to knit and how to quilt. I picked up a class brocure from Jo Ann's and i think this is an attainable goal. Also i think it would be really great if ALL the gifts i gave this year were HOMEMADE gifts! there is nothing more special than a gift that someone had made specially for you and i hope to share that joy with everyone i know over the year (ok lets take mat out of that grouping b/c i don't think he'd be happy with ALL homemade gifts)

Over all i am happy and a little surprised i survived the year. I hope that the next year goes a bit smoother and a bit less stressful but bring just as much joy and happyness as this year has brought.


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