Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I come from a family is the blue collar to the max! i like to joke at times that they are white trash (i mean that in a very loving way) Needless to say i never really grew up needing to know the specifics of ironing. I remember my brother would iron his jeans and I'm sure my mom did a bit of ironing from time to time but it was never a regular thing. Growing up i recognized times when i probably should have ironed but didn't figuring it didn't really matter once the shirt was on. But as i get older i am realizing the importance to look sharp and that come by covering all your bases including ironing. I have to be honest i still don't do it as much as i should. I mostly hide my wrinkly white collard shirt for work under a sweater. Today i decided i should iron my shirt and i was so annoyed that i just didn't know what i was doing. I know there MUST be some specific way you should iron a shirt. i tried my best and i guess it turned out OK but it was a frustrating process. i found a article on the REAL SIMPLE website that breaks it down simply. I swear I'll follow this step by step next time i do some ironing. I hope it makes it easier in the future.

Also these white collar shirts are pure torture for a girl of my bust size. They simply always burst at the buttons. (another reason why i hide under sweaters) Yes i realize that i should buy a bigger size, and i do but my damn weight fluctuates so much that i refuse to buy anything bigger than an XL.

Do any of you ladies have any advice on how to iron a white collard shirt made for a women with curves? The slight pleats they put on the shoulders and around the boob area totally confuse me.

I need a toy like this to do my ironing!

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  1. Hahaha! I burst out laughing with that photo! Anyways, ironing can be sometimes rough depending on the styles of your shirts. It will help if you're gonna wet it a little using a sprayer or fabric conditioner. Begin ironing from the top, specifically the collar; then, the shoulder (or sleeves); next, the cuffs. Leave the front and back of the body last. Good luck!