Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hello 2011

Well the year has begun and i have sat down to write a blog 4 days into it. i don't know how women find time to blog so much! I guess laying on the couch watching a movie with my man comes as a priority over blogging or maybe it is just because i feel so lonely in my little computer room. I seriously need to get a lap top or a TV in my room.

The year hasn't had too many exciting things happen just yet. I started back at work yesterday and it went smoothly b/c there was nothing to get me in trouble for since i had been gone for 9 days... i give it till Thursday till my boss has a list of things I'm not on top of.

Sunday i actually organized a gathering to watch football! Crazy i know since i completely don't understand football, but i wanted to spend time with friends and since football is all important to them and the Seahawks were playing for the playoff it seemed like a grand idea. I even ordered a beer which is even more shocking, but i figured i might as well get into the spirit. I didn't watch more than 5 minutes of the game since my dear friend Kristin was there to keep me occupied. I did however learn about how they score... they get a touch down and it is 6pts and then they kick the ball to get another pt, but if they don't think they have time to get a touchdown (i think it's time... or distance) then they kick the ball to get 3 pts. yeah so i didn't describe that so well but hey i kind of understand better now.

i have also not exactly stuck to my diet for the last 3 days. yesterday was my best day however. I counted my pts all day and even came home and had a low fat dinner... but i didn't calculate my pts for the pizza till this morning and it turns out i had 23pts worth of pizza... damn me for having 5 whole slices! I'll just take them out of my weekly pts and so I'm still good to go! I still need to find a time to weigh in. It seems that nothing seems to be working with my schedule.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this year and I'm ready to kick it in the ass!

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