Tuesday, November 24, 2009

making the most of my situation

Well as you have read in past posts i had been preparing for an interview. I had that interview and i waited 5 long days to get the results of that interview.Well yesterday i got those results. i regret to inform everyone that i will not be a Second Assistant Manager at Safeway at the time being.

I can't exactly tell you where i fell short or why i didn't get the job. to be honest that interview was the first interview i had ever really had so i have no idea if i did good or bad. I feel like my answers were generic and maybe too textbook? Also i don't know if i left giving them a good impression of who i was or what i had to offer. it is difficult for me to take this news of not getting the job because this is something i have tried hard to get. i didn't come from a highly successful parents. They weren't super hard workers and they never shrived to be managers. I feel like because of this getting the mind set of a manager is harder and has taken longer for me to understand. Confidence in my management skills and my work is something i desperately need to work on and i am trying my best. it is weird for me because as a person out side of work i feel like i have a ton of confidence and really like myself and what i stand for but as soon as i get to work i feel lost and out of control. I feel like whatever i do won't be right, won't be enough.

With this in mind i an going to be going to the issaquah Safeway. this was advised by the District manager that interviewed me. i was #4 (out of 10 people interviewed) in line for the 3 job openings and he see's that i can develope and become a good manager so they are moving me so that i will be able to be more successful without the distractions that are currently at the store i work at now (friends/boyfriend) Drew (my current store manager0 said he didn't know if he neccessarly wanted me to go til after the new year but i told him i rather move sooner than later so that i felt like a was moving forward in some way. I feel i am at a stand still in my job currently and that i probably another reason why i was so disappointed with not getting the job. I am only 25 years old and i know that i have a lot to offer the world and i know that i can do great things. i just wanna feel like i am always working towards that goal and i don't know when i will find myself feeling like i don't need to move forward and really i hope i never stop trying to improve myself and my way of life.

So within a week or two i will be heading to the Issaquah Safeway. i am a bit fearful because i don't know how well i am at meeting new people. I know is school (both high school and collage0 i was super shy and didn't really make tons of friends. Currently at my job people think i am out going and lively and will make friends quickly, i on the other hand am not so sure. Of course i haven't been in a situation where i have had to meet new people in quite a long time and it will be interesting to see how i handle it. i would love to be able to say i am an out going girl, i never have thought of myself that way.

Wish me luck and i just hope that this is a step forward rather then pushing me back into my shell and destroying my little confidence i have.

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  1. Can I just tell you how proud I am of you? I have seen so much growth in you. Going for your goals is never a waste of time...and being 4/10 isn't bad!! It sounds like they see something in you that they like. I know you will get there, don't give up! They'll love you in Issaquah like they love you in Rose Hill. I'll miss seeing your face at the store when I shop! Be proud of yourself for going after it. I promise it will pay off when it is supposed to!
    I am PROUD of you!!!