Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Fun

What a wonderful Halloween weekend! Friday i threw a pretty fun Halloween party at my house. even though not all the people who said they were coming came we all still had a good time and did a lot of laughing. Saturday i had to work 10-7 and boy was i hung over! it was so miserable to be stuck in the checkstand feeling like i was going to throw up at any minute. good thing jared was there to let me out when ever i needed him to.... yeah i puked 5 times at work... trust me not something i'm proud of! But eventually i discovered the miracle of 7up and i was feeling much better and the rest of the day at work went get! After work i came home and rested up a bit then headed to Mat's friends Elliott's Halloween party. I didn't really know anyone and the girls all seemed young and skanky and not so interesting so i basically just stood around and people watched. These parties aren't for me i much rather throw a small intimate party with people i know where u don't will crowded and claustrophobic. we didn't stay too late but it was an interesting way to spend Halloween night. over all i think Halloween turned out pretty fun and my $30 poodle skirt was well used lol

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