Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Oh how i love me some twitter!
i am purely and 100% addicted!!
I love to post all my random thoughts! i know that everyone truly does care when i take a shower and that I'm currently laying in bed. i find twitter as a grand human study where you go to find yourself surrounded by people just like you! I have gotten to know so many amazing people through twitter! I admit there are times i feel like a bit of a crazy stocker following someone and all of the people that they follow. I feel like i have who new groups of friend from twitter. never mind that i haven't ever really met anyone of them.
Twitter is also an amazing place to get help. Say you have a problem. all you need to do is tweet about it and instantly you can get a grand variety of answers back that completely help you out! Also if your feeling down your amazing followers always know just the right thing to say to make you feel not so crazy.
I have gotten so many ideas from twitter as well. ideas as to what to cook, what to craft, places to go, things to eat.
I have gotten new blogs to follow! this is really a great thing because i had been recently turned off from blogging because the blogs i follow and enjoy are at times ran by such bitchy snobbing girls who turn their noses up at people who are a little more out spoken and non-reserved as they are. sorry i don't have a stick up my ass!
Anyways i thought a short little blog to let y'all know i'm still alive was in order. I am seriously going to try and start my blogging again. i swear!

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