Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fantastic Fall!

I just love this time of year I always feel so crafty. I love changing the decor to my fall decorations! I haven't gotten much new since last years shopping spree (fall for $40) but i still love what i have for our small apartment!

This year a made a new wreath that i saw on the cover of Women's Day Magazine.

What you will need

A styrofoam wreath
black duct tape
2 bags of candy corn
glue gun
fun fall ribbon
Spray sealant
PATIENCE: i gave myself an entire day to make the wreath b/c i needed breaks but i would say it probably wouldn't take longer then 2 hrs if you worked straight.

So at first i though i would paint the styrofoam black but realized it would take A LOT of paint plus the hot glue would probably melt it. Then i wanted to just paint regular duct tape black but then i realized i didn't even have regular duct tape so i figured i would just buy black duct tape. I found it for a little over $3 at walmart. more than $2 less then at safeway where i was going to originally buy it but i forgot. i also got the candy corn from there... less than $2 per bag. The most expensive part of the wreath is the styrofoam wreath which was about $8 at micheals. way more then i was expecting to spend on it but worth it. oh and the spray sealant i got was from Micheals as well and it was around 47 as well. ( i used the whole can)

So you start by wrapping the wreath with the black duct tape.I made sure to do it as tight and as smoothly as i could. this part was pretty simple.

Then the magazine suggested that you layout the candy corn before gluing it on. Something i would have never had done on my own but I'm really glad i did b/d getting them on evenly and in a good pattern proved way more difficult then i expected. i laid out the front of the wreath first then glued it down then moved onto the outside edge gluing as i went and then the inside. This is a pain staking process but if you are patience it turn out pretty good. I made sure to take long breaks so i didn't get burned out.

once glued on i brought the wreath outside and sprayed a coat of sealant on it and let it dry then flipped it over and added the sealant from the back to get all edges of the candy corn. Once dry i added the ribbon. the magazine had a black ribbon pictured but i went with a fun and festive fall ribbon and i tied a bow at the top of the wreath to add a little flair.

i hung the wreath on my front door and was very please

Horror struck the next time it rained! The moisture in the air proved that the sealant hadn't completely sealed the wreath and i awoke with a puddle of sticky goo in my door way and a melty wreath. i brought it inside and let it dry and took inventory on the wreath. Only a couple candy corns fell of so i glued them back on, too off the ribbon and then resealed the wreath. Second time was the charm and i haven't had a sticky problem with the wreath since.

it is so much fun to have a wreath that i made hanging from my front door! i think i will add just a touch more sealant and then store it away at the end of the season and see if it lasts till next yr... i'll make sure that i store it alone in case it melts on hot summer day!

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