Monday, October 25, 2010

bills... Bills... BILLS

Well, I guess I should finally confess: I am a bill avoider! I have stacks and stacks and stacks of mail taunting me in my car, on our desk, and in our mail slots... and I just AVOID them at all costs! I tend to just to ignore things that stress me out and bills is a HUGE stress! First of all they are way too much money and I don't even know where to begin to start paying them. The amounts on those stupid sheets of paper from doctor offices and from dentist offices have too many options on how to pay. Should I write a check and send it in? Should I write down my card info and send that in? I can't possibly pay this entire amount all at once. What if I call to make payment arraignments and they say " NO, you HAVE to pay in full RIGHT NOW!" What if they are mean to me and treat me like a low class person b/c I have outstanding bills.
Seriously these are the things that keep me avoiding those bills stacked high around my life!

Yesterday I had a break through! I opened my mail! Every last bit of it! I found all the bills that need to be paid and I put them neatly in a stack with all intention on calling them and setting up a payment arraignment! The only problem with that is, that I have actually got to call them! That is my plan for today. I have serious anxiety about this and if I get one little problem with setting up a payment plan I will be ruined on this for probably another 6 months!

This is by far the worst part of being an adult. It all started with going to college. I deem this to be my biggest mistake in life. I got thousands and thousands of dollars in student loans without knowing ANYTHING about them. I still don't understand them. It have god knows how many different student loans. How do I know which one to start paying back first? How do I even know who do call? All this money I owe and I don't even have a degree to show. (but this is another blog all together)

Anyways, I have two years to get my debit under control and start to bring my credit up to a respectable place so that we can buy a house! Please wish me luck and support me in any way you can because I really want a house!

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