Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Perfect Day

I woke up yesterday with excitement. so excited in fact that I couldn't sleep past 8am. so I tip toed out of the bedroom with my bag of treats: a scavenger hunt I had planned for mat. because we moved we have been a bit broke the past couple weeks so we decided not to do a whole lot for our three year anniversary. I wanted to still do something special. I hid five clues around the apartment. they were attached to some candy and a love coupon he could cash in later. I made a breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, watermelon and oj. I gathered it all on a tray and brought it into the bedroom to wake up mat. after we had ate our breakfast I ran back into the kitchen to grab the bouquet of slim jims and nerds ropes I had made that held the first clue. he was a little confused at first but got the clue right away. it was fun to watch him search for each clue. I think once he got the third clue he said "is this a game or something?" I was worried that he wouldn't go for a scavengerhunt and that's why I kept it in the apartment mostly. he found all the clues... with just a little help from me... the last clue led him outside to the backseat of his car where I had a card balloon and movie waiting for him...

he really seemed to enjoy the hunt.... maybe next time i'll branch out from the apartment. the night before I had come home from work to find flowers and a card in front of the door as I walked in. the flowers were my favorite star gazer lillys while the card was labeled don't open till 3pm oct 1st. once we were done with the hunt mat said I could open the card. it was a fun card that reviled that at three I would go for a manicure peticure on him. I knew he must have something planned while I was gone so my mind was racing a mile a minute but I was excited to get my nails done. I was gone for about an hour getting pampered. when I walked in the door arriving home mat ran up behind me and covered my eyes. he led me into our home and reviled an indoor pic nic he had sat up. he knew how much I loved pic nics and he used the stuff from my pic nic basket! he had the tv off and my favorite reggie music playing. we sat and enjoyed our lunch with the sun streaming in through the window. (he was going to set it up outside but there are too many kids in our apartments.) this was my favorite part of the day. such a thoughtful gift and was something I would never guess mat would plan.

after the pic nic we had some time to spare so we went to check out the mill creek town center, which I must say isn't that great but we went to the central market where we picked up some champagne and canberry juice for later. after that I got ready for dinner and we headed to maggiannos little italy. we each got a drink and split a caesars salad to start. for dinner he got salmon and I got three cheese ravioli. we both loved our dinner! we also got dessert, their pound cake with vanilla bean ice cream and bananas. it was all so yummy and we basically had to be rolled out of there. we ended our night at home with a fire in our fire place two glasses of champagne and two really bad movies! fyi: don't watch pulse 2 or the love guru.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you were very creative. What a great way to spend the day. Love the idea of a slim jim bouqet. That just might work for my husband too! The flowers are beautiful.