Monday, October 6, 2008

i'm feelin the stress today!

Well last night i had such a great and care free night at work. Kristin was my midnight checker so i hustled to get all my work done so that i could hang with her for a while . we hung out up front the last hour of our night just chatting... it was so slow! after we were off we left the book in produce that we had got for Laura's man and headed it our car. Kristin parked next to me. i yelled goodbye and hopped into my car excited for the heater to start warming me when i turn the ignition to hear.... NOTHING!!!!! that's right zippo... it was silent. i thought maybe it is the battery and i left my lights on and Kristin can give me a jump... but my lights went on.. all of them! so no quick fix for me. now i know NOTHING about cars but may it is the starter. i posted a question on yahoo questions and within just a few minute i have gotten a few suggestions to my problem... a faulty switch plate... the starter...the starter solenoid (they suggested tapping it with a screw driver... like i would even know where to tap!) Yes well this couldn't have some at a better time as we have moved 20 minutes from work and now have to share a car... as well as i have to babysit. so there will be a bit of driving back and forth and wasting gas as well as wasting time. and tomorrow when i am done babysitting I'll have to walk to Safeway! i hope it's not raining!

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  1. Call me if you need a ride somewhere. If I am available, I can take you!