Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Miss VEGAS!!!!

So Vegas has been and probably always be my favorite place to vacation! It is amazing to me how many people have never been there and all the people who have no desire to go. I am a traveler whom tries to make the most of a trip by cramming as much fun filled activities into a trip as possible. Vegas is a place where you can go a hundred times and have a different trip every time. I think Vegas gets a bad wrap as a crazy unsafe city that doesn't have anything to offer but over indigence and gambling. I for one am not a gambler what so ever. i will lose twenty bucks in about five minutes on a penny machine and be done gambling for a year! so Vegas has so much more to offer! it has so many fun attractions IE: wax museum, gondola rides, many roller coasters and arcades, tons of shopping and spas, hundreds of shows in all varying price ranges, the most amazing people watching, relaxing pools, hotels in every price range, easy to use transporting up and down the strip... i could go on and on and list all the thing i love about the city. I have traveled not to a lot of places but the places i have gone i can see not going back too many times. Such as San Francisco where we had tons of fun and did a lot in the couple days we were there but it seems like if we went there again we would end up doing some of the same things over and over again! don't get me wrong that trip was fantastic but we always long for Vegas! I have started listening to my favorite pod cast again now that my zune is fixed... It is Five Hundy by Midnight.. a pod cast about Vegas! they are a couple who lives in MN but loves Vegas so much that they do a weekly pod cast about Vegas news. they have a pretty big following and they encourage you to call them while you are in Vegas and they play the calls on their show! it is fun to hear weekly updates about Vegas! The last time mat and i went to Vegas (a surprise trip for mat's birthday) i actually called into the show and left a voice mail and they played it on the air. it was pretty fun!

i hope to plan my next trip to Vegas pretty soon. I am hoping to fly my mom out for her 50Th birthday (the trip will take place a couple months before her birthday b/c it is TOO hot the in July) I'm excited to treat my mom to Vegas and show her all the new stuff they have to offer. The last time we were there together is when we all went down when i was in like sixth grade or younger. we stayed with Jeff's parents at their house and so they didn't get the whole experience! I know that they will love it down there and i can't wait to show them all the things that have changed!

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  1. I know the feeling too well. Lately I've been missing Las Vegas something fierce. I hope you're able to book your next trip soon and I'm glad you dig Five Hundy.