Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bob Saget and the Snoqualmie casino!

we are currently waiting for the bob Saget show to start. it has been a pretty great day so far... we drove up early so maybe find a hotel but they were all pretty ghetto so we decided ro pass on that idea, which kinda upset me because I was already excited about the idea of drinking lots and crashing in a hotel room. we instead decided to watch friday the 13th in theatre and grab lunch at red robin. we then headed to the casino. first machine that I put my money into (just test if they take money or tickets) and I ended up getting my money back 4x! so my 20$ turned into 80$! I kept playing and I am currently down to 50$ but that is still up 30 which is better then I have ever done and I'm actually excited about gambling! We wanted to grab something to eat before the show... what an event! the buffet line is about 3 hr wait and the sushi place has a pretty long line as well.... we decided on the box car cafe... still stood in line for 30 minutes but we got our food and it was much better then I expected. over all we are having a pretty fun time.... on drink number two... I really wish I had brought my flask though cause pop is free and I could had drank more for cheaper lol. anyways wish me lack for the rest of the night!


  1. Have fun tonight! Hope you laugh lots!

  2. Sorry, It published my comment 3 times, so I deleted 2 of them.