Thursday, June 4, 2009

Livin Life

I laid by the pool the other day with a friend and we got to talking. The topic of money came up and don't get me wrong we didn't have some deep conversation or anything but she mentioned that she is frugal with her money so that she is able to have a savings at all times. Then i said that Mat and i had discussed that earlier that we want to be able to have a saving but that we couldn't imagine not doing all the fun thing we do and how we do them. This conversation stuck in my mind since that day at the pool and i am just trying to figure out a way for me to find a happy balance between the two worlds. I hate to miss out on anything fun and feel like i am missing some part of life but at the same time i hate living pay check to pay check! At this point the only solution i can think of is that i need to make more money!

So on that note here are the things we have done so far on vacation!

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