Wednesday, June 17, 2009

really 5 days?

So i was reading another blog i follow and they mentioned that they should be writing a blog post 5 days a week and if they don't they shouldn't even be blogging. Should i feel that pressure to deliver a blog post worth reading 5 days a week? i know i have been slacking on my posting these days but 5 days without questions? i can't handle that kind of pressure!

anyways besides that i have a few things to blog about... Saturday was Kristin's 25Th birthday. It was a nice celebration for her. we went out to dinner with a small group a great girls then headed back to her place for drinks, hot tub and girly movie. besides me not feeling very good i thought it was a near perfect night... very relaxing! here is a picture of the girls after dinner
Sunday was another fun day! i woke up far too early after going to bed a bit late. i had plans to hang out with Kate so we met up and headed to Snoqualmie falls! i just love it there but no one ever seems to want to go as often as i do so i am always happy when someone new wants to go. We got sandwiches at Panera in Issaquah and ate them on a bench in the park. Our hike down was easy enough although it was pretty crowded (i recommend never going on a sunday!) Our hike back up was a bit more tricky. we stopped to take pictures when i discovered a new path i hadn't seen before so i suggested we go that way... it was fun but a bit of a literal climb... i felt bad for making Kate go that way because she was wearing a white skirt and flip flops. Overall a great day and i was happy to be able to do something with her other then sitting in a restaurant!
So the week is nearly half over and i am glad to be getting into the easier part of my week because yesterday for some reason my body decided to get sick! i was asleep in bed by 5pm but had to get up for work early. today i am going to take it easy and watch a movie with Debbie. Actually it is "How to Be" starring Robert Pattinson. a small independant movie he was in a while ago. I've heard good things so I'm excited to watch it! i'll let u know what i think (hopefully anyways)

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