Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to The Grind

Well today was my first morning back to work and let me tell u it wasn't bad. well waking up at 3am was pretty hard but i did it and i made it into work and found that i didn't have Tons of work to do, always welcome! So i got to work doin a few things here and here till Debbie arrived at work and then i pretty much just gave up trying to motivate myself to work so i spent the better part of my last 3 hrs talking to pretty much everyone i work with. i planned out trip to Chippendale's with all the girls from work. Then i learned how to remove the new "alarm lids" on our wine bottles. i asked Debbie about her weekend and heard about her road trip to PA she is going on in like 2 weeks. i sat in the break room and listened to the pounding of the remodel the bank is going threw. I killed time reading a rereading bulletins on my computer. I sat with Laura and the rest of the produce crew while they took their breaks. I got good news that i might not be closing much anymore! i guess our assistant and second assistant managers have to close a few nights a week now so hopefully I'll be working more days! All in all it was a good first day back to work nothing too stressful or overwhelming!

Tomorrow is my beginning of summer Pic Nic and i am hoping that the weather holds out! A good day at the park with my girls laughing and having fun sounds perfect!


  1. Glad your day went well! Love it when there isn't much to do!

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