Wednesday, June 10, 2009

u probably have lost faith already but...

well i have restarted my diet once again! yes yes i know lets count the amount of times i have started and ended my diet1 but i really really really have to stick to it this time... i really really really need to get down to my low range of regular weight b/c i am deathly afraid of not fitting into my brides made dress! My weight fluctuates A LOT and i mean A LOT.. i tend to go up and down the same 15lbs every month. one day my clothes will fit perfectly and the next not a single thing will fit me and i am stick wearing a dress! i need to get to a low range of my weight and be able to stick to it in order to be able to fit into my dress! Laura's wedding is Sept 19th... that is about 13-14 weeks away and i hope to lose around 20lbs by then... my goal is around 2 lbs a week which would bring me over 20lbs so that i have some room to not get 2lbs every single week! i am really determined and slightly in fear and so i think i will be able to stick to it.. at least until the wedding.. who knows what will happen after that!
Here is a particularly fat picture of me... check out that double chin (nearly triple chin with all that neck fat!) and chubby cheeks!! so gross! doesn't baby Terry look just so cute though!!

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  1. You can do it! I wish I had the drive to go after the same goal right now!