Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fall Harvest Girls Night

I know i am way backed up on blogging but i have been busy/tired all week.

I Had my fall harvest girls night LAST Tuesday and i gotta say it turned out really successful! i had 7 of my friends come over and i made them all a really yummy dinner of taco soup and empanadas. i was really excited to see everyone eat the soup as well as they all LOVED the empanadas... i might have to make them again. After we all ate (sitting around my table which i loved) we made carmel apples. let me tell you i have never been able to make successful carmel apples! the carmel always seems to slide off the apple! we all enjoyed then still the same. Also during caramel apples we were carving and painting pumpkins. It was all so much fun! everyone's pumpkin turned out really great! I'm pretty sure everyone had a good time and I'm so glad it all turned out successful and i was able to hang out with friends!

Laura painted on stewie to her pumpkin

Crystal choose quite a difficult pattern so she was the last to finish but it turned out great

Tiffany did a great job painting her babies names onto her pumpkin

Linnea did a whole ghost family in anticipation of her new bundle of joy (tony was there to pick her up)

Tara won the prize for the most original pumpkin carved. it really is quite amazing. Kristin did the mud flap girl which looked great too but for some reason i don't have any pictures of it

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