Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: Face wash

Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Silly me, I kept thinking it was Saturday because I had two days off in a row. Today Mat and I both had the day off together so of course we had to make the most of it. I actually was able to sleep in till nearly 8am because Mat got up early and got Sloane up and dressed before I had to wake up! It's so nice to have him home in the mornings. After looking out the window and seeing that it wasn't likely to rain we decided to head to Green Lake in Seattle (our favorite park).

As we were driving there I thought of what I wanted to write my blog about. FACE WASH!! I have used the same face wash for years. I grew up with quite an acne problem and had serious self image issues because of it. While in my need to become more girly and high maintenance I thought I would try out a new face wash. I didn't have much direction but every night at work I noticed a face wash that was on sale and finally one night I bought it.

L'Oreal Youth Code: Youth Regenerating Skincare Foaming Gel Cleanser: This foaming gel cleanser gently exfoliates and removes impurities down to every last trace of eye make up, without over drying. Skin will become luminous, smooth and younger looking with continues use. $3.99 on close out at Safeway.
My Thoughts: I have used it more than several times in several different situations. I have used it in the morning in the shower, at night to remove my make up and at night after using a face wipe to remove my make up. First impression is that it has a strong smell that is pretty floral. I could have dealt with the smell if I hadn't tasted the soap while washing my face. I don't ever remember tasting my face wash before and the flavor of this face wash seemed unavoidable. it just seemed it get into my mouth every time i used it. I also feel like it didn't foam up as well as I hoped it would, I really needed to work the wash into a lather in my hands before I washed my face with it. Finally I didn't notice an youth renewal to my face, however I probably don't really have that many wrinkles to worry about. Now I have sensitive skin and have a history of patches of dry flaky skin in the T-zone so I'm not sure if it was just conscience or what but I did have a flare up on dry skin in my eye brow area while using this face wash. I continued to use it maybe once a week since and haven't had too much problem. Also I still had eye liner/mascara on my face the morning after washing it off.

Clean and Clear: Essentials foaming facial cleanser: Washes away problem-causing dirt, oil and make-up without over drying. $3.95 regular price at Walmart.
My Thoughts: This face wash has a very mild smell that probably is just a typical soap smell. I haven't ever noticed a taste to it during a normal face washing session (of course if you put it directly into your mouth I'm sure it would have a taste.) This has a nice foam that I feel like really helps with lifting the oils off my face. This cleanser also gets my face really clean feeling. I know it is possible that people might think it is too clean and it has been stripped of it's natural oils but I find with my oily-combination skin this kind of squeaky clean is really nice. Again I might be biased but since using this face wash but I really feel like it doesn't over dry my skin and I typically only get dry skin out breaks while using this face wash if I change my face lotion. I will admite this doesn't remove all my eye make up, but I have come at accept that. Maybe one day I will find an eye make up remover I love.

Overall I still favor my old trusty face wash by Clean and Clear. I think the real clincher is the fact that I can taste the L'Oreal face wash while washing my face. I also don't really enjoy the strong floral scent. On the other hand I bought one of my best friends that same face wash at the same time and she said she really enjoys it. She, however, also has the face hydrating system that she bought on clearance for $20 at Target, that might make a difference. I wil note also that while writing this blog post I looked up both face washes on the Walmart web site, just to get the pricing and I saw that the L'Oreal face wash got a much higher rating. Ever face wash and how you like it is a very personal thing so I wouldn't take my opinion at a be all end all.

What face wash do you use? I think it is possible that there is another face wash out there that I will love even more, I just haven't tried it yet. Also what eye make up remover do you use. I think it has become clear that I need to find one I like.

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