Saturday, April 20, 2013

Things to do before I'm 30: UPDATE

Well it is just three short months until my birthday. I'll be turning 29, giving me just one year to complete my goals on my list of things to do before I turn 30... I have written one update post about two and a half years ago HERE. The original list was written in 2008, you can read it HERE.

So now I want to update this list and see what I really want to work towards in my last year of being 20-something.

*Party like a rock star: Well I defiantly haven't done this but this doesn't really seem like much of a priority anymore. I have had some pretty fun nights out and I'd say the closest I've come to partying like a rock start would be at Tony's 30th birthday where we had a party bus and a reserved area at Last Supper Club and bottle service.

*Full day at a spa: Still haven't done this and I would LOVE to make this a priority this last year. DO any of you guys have any tips on where to go?

*Lose 50lbs: This has happened a couple times but then I have gained it back... I still want have is as a priority this year. I will do it! maybe the spa day will be my reward!

*Have a kid: well I've accomplished this! I wasn't exactly a planned thing to accomplish when I did but I couldn't be happier with my life and being a mommy. Sloane is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me!

*Spoil my mom: This is another thing I really would love to be able to do! I think my goal would be to send my mom and dad to Vegas with a couple hundred dollars of spending money. They deserve a fun vacation and it just isn't really possible for them.

*Meet my dad: This is something that is always in the back of my mind. I have actually become friends with him on facebook which is the most contact I can ever remember me having with him in my life. I haven't actually talked to him over facebook and I'm not so sure how I wanna go about starting that but maybe by 30 I'll have made some progress.

*Better my credit: this is actually a work in progress. The main issue is y student loans and those probably won't be paid off by the time I'm 30.

*Week long vacation out of the country: This is something I don't see happening before I am 30 now that I have a child, but I'm OK with that. I would love to travel out of the country but when Sloane is older and she will be able to enjoy the travel as well.

*Have a savings: Well this isn't such a possibility right now because I am trying to improve my credit I have little money to save. I do need to make a saving account for Sloane a priority however!

*Climb a rock wall: This is a great goal to work towards in the next year. It can go hand in hand with losing 50+ lbs.

*Be at least a second assistant: This is accomplished... I'd like to update this to at least be in RLD and near becoming an Assistant manager.

*Wear a pair of designer shoes with a little black dress: Let's tie this all together and this will be the 30th birthday party outfit, after I lose 50+ lbs. I will also attend a spa and climb a rock wall on my 30th birthday too!

*Volunteer regularly: Well I volunteer as much as I can right now between working and being a mommy. I volunteer through Safeway and do nearly all the volunteer opportunities they have to offer. When Sloane is older I will make this a priority because I want her to understand how important volunteering is.

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  1. all probably may not be, but i love the designer shoes and the little black dress. i want to see that, for sure!