Monday, April 22, 2013

Mommy Monday: Babies Day Out

Saturday, my dear friends had the great idea to head up north to go to the Tulip Festival. I was so excited to not only be able to spend the day with my two bestest friends but I also got to introduce Sloane to some outdoor fun.

We started the day off by hitting the Seattle Premium outlet mall. We packed Sloane into her stroller and we made our way around the mall. It was so nice to have Sloane at a point that she isn't fussy. She was all smiles while at the mall. The girls grabbed a bite to eat at the mall so I took Sloane out of her stroller and let her play around. She was just a bundle of laughs, I can't wait till I can start giving her real food and seeing her reaction.

After the mall we headed up to Tulip Town. Sloane caught a quick nap on the drive up and that put her in a great mood upon arrival. I strapped her on in her sling. She was so excited because it was her first time out of the house in her sling. I wrapped her blanket around her outside her sling to keep her dangling legs warm and flipped on her hood to keep her head warm. Once in Tulip Town Sloane couldn't contain her excitement. She flapped her arms and kicked her legs and did her best to bounce. She was mesmerized by all the colors.

 She breathed in the fresh air with delight. Her first real day out and about experiencing the world out of the confines of her car seat and stroller. I let her see and feel the flowers. She loved watching all the people. Her aunties made her smile all day long.

Once in the car and heading home Sloane couldn't stop talking and blowing raspberries. She recounted the day to us, I'm sure, over and over again. I love how well she did all day, not a bit of crying or fussing. My friends captured some really cute pictures so that we can remember this day forever.




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