Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: Studio 35 Beauty Blender Sponge

I just learned about these beauty blender sponge not too long ago and I was instantly interested. I haven't become a fan of putting on the foundation with a brush just yet and I always feel gross when I rub in my foundation with my fingers. I first found out about these from a YouTube video (of course) by Glamour Wonderland. She did a review of drug store beauty blenders to see if she could find a dupe for her high end beauty blender.

When I bought the Studio 35 Beauty Blender Sponge, I thought I had gotten the preferred one in her video but I actually got one similar to the one less preferred but still a good dupe. Mine is also a different brand which might make a difference in quality as well it was just slightly more expensive. I paid $6.49 at Walgreen's.

To use the sponge u run it under water and then ring it out. This part took a little getting used to because I wasn't sure just how wet I was suppose to get the sponge. It took me a few times using it to realize that the more water I put onto the sponge the softer it became and the better it would blend our foundation.

After you wet your sponge you dab a bit of your foundation onto your face and then blend it onto your face with little patting motions. I will mention that the first couple of time you the blender sponger it does seem like you need to use more foundation that usual. It might have been just because I hadn't put enough water on it. The pointed edge of the sponge is great for getting around the nose and under the eyes. I typically use the pointed end to blend all over my face and then the flat side I'll go back over to make sure I got it all blended together perfectly. I also love using the flat end to blend in my concealer that I put on after my foundation. 

Overall I really enjoy the Studio 35 Beauty Blender Sponge. I especially enjoy the cool feeling the damp sponge gives in the mornings. I would defiantly recommend this to any of my friends.

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