Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: Cinnamon Honey face mask

It is 9:45pm on Beauty Wise Wednesday and I have just now discovered what to write my blog about. I haven't gotten my July Ipsy bag yet, I wanted to write about BB Creams but I want to try out one more before I write a blog about it, I even took to twitter to get ideas. I got some great ideas but I didn't really feel like I was able to do a lot of them with my little collection of beauty supplies, but they gave me some great ideas for future blogs!

My last resort was going to Pintrest and looking through my beauty pin board. I was thinking I might attempt a make up skill, or a hair style but then I came across the Cinnamon Honey Face Mask.

I have done tons of homemade masks with honey but never one with cinnamon. I have to be honest all I could think of was the cinnamon challenge that people do one YouTube, where they try and hold a spoon full of cinnamon in their mouth. I just imagined my face burning up, but I had the stuff on hand so I went at it!

The pin I found was actually a mask made with nutmeg, cinnamon and honey but I didn't have nutmeg on hand, so just cinnamon and honey was all it was.

The Supplies

Here is the blog that the pin linked to: Guide to Good Living

Honey uses it's natural antioxidants to balance out acne which I really need right now cause I have a garden of zits blooming on my chin!

The cinnamon is known to bring blood to the surface of the skin sometimes flattening out fine lines. The post did say be careful around the eyes or other sensitive areas of the face. Cinnamon is also a great exfoliate also apparently which is great for the face, especially when you've been sun kissed as much as I have been recently.

2 teaspoons of honey

1 teaspoon on cinnamon

mixed together

So I measured and mixed the ingredients and when measured out it was a lot more cinnamon than I thought it would be, making me even more worried about the burning factor.

I applied the mask to my face with the rubber scrapper because basically getting my fingers all sticky didn't sound very appealing, plus it would be harder to take pictures of my progress.

Once on, it wasn't too bad. It did sting a little bit on the upper lip area, you could probably skip applying the mask to that area.

the smell was very nice, but it could be too sweet for some people.

The only issue I had was that it was a bit drippy and it seemed to move down my face during the 30 minutes that it said to keep the mask on.

Once the 30 minutes were up I got some water on my fingers and rubbed my face in a circular motion exfoliating. it was very surprising to me how exfoliating cinnamon really was. They should make more face scrubs with cinnamon.

Rinsing off was pretty easy but I have a couple tips to keep in mind while rinsing. First: Keep your eyes closed! I can't even imagine the burn you would get if the cinnamon got into your eye. Second, make sure that you rinse your hair line well, it would suck to have honey it your hair for any extended amount of time.

Final thought is that I would defiantly do this mask again! My face is amazingly smooth and feels so refreshed, like an all new face! I do wish I would have exfoliated my temples a little more but that's just an over sight on my part.

While doing this face mask and writing this blog I was watching the pilot for Camp, a new show on NBC. I love summer camp shows, probably because I've never actually been to summer camp. Did anyone else catch the show? I liked it, but I'm not sure it will have lasting power. As long as it's on I'll watch it though.

I made good use of my "me" time tonight and I feel nice and relaxed now. How do you spend your "me" time? maybe the next opportunity you'll try out this mask.


  1. I think mask should apply on targeted area only. Moisturizing is necessary after the masking. It gives glow on the face.

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  2. WOW! please tell me your face stayed cute and pink for atleast half a day