Saturday, July 13, 2013

Seaside Oregon

Hi guys, how's it going? Me? Well, I'm doing pretty damn GREAT!!! Why might you ask, because I am in the home stretch of my much anticipated vacation. OK, fine call it what it is, a weekend getaway, during the week. I don't have much vacation time since I was out of work for so long on bed rest and maternity leave so I can't afford to take the entire week off but we are making the most of my birthday week and I'm just too excited about it!!

We are headed to Seaside, OR on Tuesday! Growing up I actually never went, or even heard of Seaside. We spend our ocean side vacations either at Ocean Shores or Westport. I loved those places growing up and really developed a deep rooted love for the ocean or any water front location really. But as I got older and ventured out on vacations with my friends I discovered Seaside, OR and it was love at first sight.

I have always dreamed of spending the day on a California beach and Washington is nothing in comparison. The Washington beaches are full of rocks and they are freezing cold. I would never dream of actually going into the water.

The first time I went to Seaside was on a girls road trip and we literally just drove through the town, seeing the beach only briefly. I was amazed at how smooth the sand was, knew I wanted to come back!

Can't resist at least putting my feet in!

I came back a couple of times here and there, never staying the night in the actual town of Seaside. My favorite trip to Seaside was with my friend Tara. It was also just a day trip into town but it was one like no other. We explored the town, ate a lot of yummy food and then ended our trip by full on body surfing in the ocean, something I never thought I would do and something I hope to do again! I hope we can make this trip just as memorable.

The last time I came was just about a year ago. Mat took me to Portland for my birthday and he agreed to take the long way home and swing through Seaside, even though he had never been.

 We were only there for a couple of hours but we enjoyed the beach, took in the sights and had a drink. I think he was in love as soon as we got there also. While we were leaving he asked me why we hadn't come before. At that moment I knew that this would be our family vacation destination from now on!

Mat's first time to Seaside
It's such a perfect location! It has fun activities for the whole family that range in prices. You could spend $20 a day or $200 a day and still have just as much fun!

We booked our hotel a little late for the summer season so everything that is really nice on the beach was all sold out so we booked the Best Western (not ideal), but is right on the beach and will do just fine for our little family.

I can't wait to see Sloane's reaction to the ocean for the first time. I can't wait to enjoy all the little shops with my family. I can't wait to relax in a place so far from my reality.

This vacation will be our first "just us three" vacation and I know it is just going to be perfect!!
Me... 6 months prego... on the beach at Seaside


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