Monday, July 8, 2013

Mommy Monday: Colors of the rainbow tag

Hello and happy Mommy Monday!!!

My dear friend Kristin over at Cupcakes and Cosmos tagged me in this fun tag. All the blogs/vlogs that I have seen have done this on beauty and fashion things, but I thought I would switch it up and do a mommy version by high lighting things for Sloane.

Red: Sloane's Cat in the Hat quilt given to her at my first baby shower from a family member, Melody.


Orange: It's a beach blanket roll up with a pillow. I'll be honest I haven't brought it to the beach yet but we use in to prop up Sloane while she is having a bottle. It's a great thing to have while she learns to feed herself.

Yellow: Fisher Price Rock and Play, given to us by a friend. This is an amazing thing we have used continually since she was born. It was the first bed she would sleep in and now I use it to keep her contained while I shower.

Green:  The doll Sloane was given at Kells in Seattle. She loves this doll and I just think it is so special because they gave it to her, made our day in Seattle that much better.

Blue: My keys, I swear these are Sloane absolutely favorite toy. When ever she is being a bit fussy I can give her my keys and she's nearly instantly happy. It's funny too cause she prefers my keys over all others.

Indigo: So.... I'm not really sure what color indigo is and I don't really think I have anything that is indigo so I chose her favorite actual toy. This is her singing monkey. We put my old iPhone in there and it has an app on it where she touches the screen and it goes through the alphabet and counting and colors and shapes and sings. She just loves it some much and it amazes me that she has learned to touch the screen to make it change.

Violet: Her very first Care Bear she got for Easter from her Auntie's Tara and Kristin. she plays with this thing all the time and loves to suck on it's ears.

Pink: Fisher Price Night light Sea Horse. This is the first item I bought for her that wasn't very necessary but I had heard that babies sleep well with it so I quickly purchased it when Sloane was probably under 2 months old.

Multi-Color: Her Baby Einstein bouncer, she loves this thing. We have added a bunch of things on it for her to play with. She still only likes if for 15-20 minutes max but it is a great thing while we are trying to do dishes or pick up a little bit.



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