Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Beauty Wise Wednesday: June Ipsy Bag reveal and review

Wow, so before I knew what was going on the month was over and here we are into July and I haven't blogged in what, 2-3 weeks? I'm not really sure what happened this month, I'm feeling a little off and I think my blog is taking the brunt of it, but I'm here to deliver not only the much over due June Ipsy reveal blog but also the review post.

I'm very impressed with the products that were given this month but to be honest a couple of the products I'm not sure how of often I would use them. That's the beauty of this subscription service however, I get to try out things I wouldn't think of buying myself, and once I used them I just might be won over and start using the products, even if it isn't necessarily the same brand I got in the bag.

This months bag is leopard print with a neon green zipper on the front instead of on the top and Ipsy tag on the side. So adorable. I just love how they switch them up so much from month to month.

Product #1: NYX Powder Blush in Espresso... $5.00 on

Product Description: It is a silky blush that goes on pretty smooth. The color is a warm tan with a slight under tone of pink.
Coupon: 15% off the entire site or 30% off Tango with Bronzing Powder.
First Impression: When I first opened the blush I was a bit worried about the color.
Review:  I tried it out and I feel like it has a pink under tone that gives a nice glowing tan. I'm not sure if I'm sold on this blush being better than any other I've tried but I have enjoyed using this blush this month.

Product #2: J. Cats Sparkling Cream Palette called Volta. $4.49 on

Product Description: A palette of 5 cream glitters, gold, dark teal/blue, a black silver, a silver black and a silver blue-ish color.
Coupon: 25% off any product on the website.
First Impression: I had heard a bit of controversy about this palette being for the eyes or not. Upon opening it I thought it was possible to use it as a slight glitter accent in the crease.
Review: I went into using this product with a pretty positive attitude after hearing some pretty negative thoughts on it. I decided to try it out while going to a Mariners game. I found it hard to put on in a controlled fashion. I tried using the wands they provided and my fingers and neither really gave me a good application. I will try using the product again but my hopes are dashed and this might be just a wasted product.

Product #3: J. Cat Eyelashes with eye lash glue $3.99 on

Product Description: 100% human hair, style EL20 with latex free glue. They look a bit natural just thick, which I like cause I am not very familiar with fake lashes.
Coupon: same as the glitter palette, 25% off
First Impression: I was very excited to get these in the bag. I think I might have worn lashes once in my life. For no other reason than I don't ever really feel like wasting my money on them. These I'm excited to try out!
Review: I haven't worn these yet since I feel like I need to wear them when I'm going out somewhere or something.

Product #4: Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Crayon $18
Product Description: The name of the product is pretty self explanatory, it's an ivory colored highlighting pencil. What I like is that it doesn't have the shimmer that an eye shadow would typically give you when used as a highlighter.
Coupon: 20% off any order at
First Impression: I was super excited about this cause I just love using highlighter under my eye brows and in the inner corner of my eyes.
Review: I have used this every day I have worn make up. It goes on so easily and gives a nice subtle highlight. The only issue I have with it at the moment is that I need to go and buy a bigger pencil sharpener to be able to sharpen it. I like the pencils that u can twist to get more.

Product #5: Star Looks Lip Pencil in K308 Bare $12
Product Description: Once again pretty self explanatory in the name. The color is a light tan color.
Coupon: 35% off any order on
First Impression: I was also worried about the color of this product, not sure if a brown is a color I can pull off but I figure I can always mix it with a different color lip gloss to brighten it up.
Review: To be honest I didn't use this product this month, basically because I forgot about it. I rarely wear lip products and when I do, it is just an easy glide it on and forget about it product. I will have to make the effort to try it out and get back to you guys on my thoughts.

Total value of the bag: $43.48 plus the leopard print bag.

Overall I am very happy with the bag. It's just too much fun being able to expect the bag of goodies each month. I have seem three preview pictures of the July bag and it's going to be just as exciting I think.

Thanks for coming back and reading my blog again after I took far too long of a break. I hope you keep coming back cause I am getting back on track and writing every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

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