Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday vacation begins

today is my official first day of my 10+ days of vacation! it is so funny because people keep asking me how many vacations do you get? well we get the normal amount of vacations... 3 weeks (for some reason i thought it was 4 but Linnea corrected me lol) we just happened to group them together this year. Our first vacation this year was in April for mats birthday. we always take out birthday weeks off because what better time to take a vacation really? Then we took the first week of June off because when we signed up at the beginning of the year we had planned on going to Vegas that week. plans changed and no money was had so we just stayed at home for both of those vacations. This week is my birthday week and i am actually going somewhere! Sunday night to Tuesday i am going to the truller with my girls! I am so excited and so happy to actually be doing something over vacation you have no idea!
I suggest never having a very busy summer because without a doubt the next summer will turn out to be disappointing! Well it is just that last year we did SO much and it seemed like i was constantly doing something and i thought that is what this summer was going to be like also.... little did i know I just wouldn't be doing much.
But let me tell you about one great day i have had this summer so far... It was my birthday gift to Tara to spend a fun filled day together! we went kayaking and then to the aquarium. we had dinner at Red Robin on the water front then went on a 2.5 hr harbor cruise through the Locks! we had perfect weather and of course we are perfect company to each other! I really enjoy these days we have with each other!

Oh and i have to say i LOVE how excited Tara looks in this picture! she absolutely LOVED the petting part of the aquarium

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