Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday Night Mariners game

Well last night was a night to remember. it was good times to say the least! it was fun to switch up the usual group we hang out with and boy does a change in one person make a difference! Debbie, Mat and i were joined by Jared another (model-esqus man) co-worker, he is 22yrs old and quite the partier. We picked him up around 4:30pm to head to the game and one of the first things he tells us when he got in the car is that he is drunk. OK I'm sorry but that was too funny. We picked up Debbie from work and headed to Seattle in god awful traffic (thank god for car pool!) we arrived and found a pretty decent parking spot right across the street from a lovely little bar where we decided to stop and get a few drinks. Debbie, Mat and I all had a shot of jager and boy did that hit Debbie like a ton of bricks! She hadn't ate anything all day. So drunk Debbie and i headed off to the vendors to find this girl some food so she wouldn't get sick. we split a hot dog and she had some chips then headed back to the bar to find the boys. Arriving back i could tell mat was feeling his alcohol (he had to try and keep up with Jared's drinking all night) so he peer pressured Debbie into having another shot... this time tequila, and i had another shot of jager. Well this was probably not the best idea of Debbie but hey all in the name of fun right!
At the table i was the only sober one so i ordered us nachos and mini corn dogs to share. Debbie was feeling spinney so the first half of the game was kind of consumed with making sure everyone was eating and drinking water. It was good though because the game didn't get good until the 8Th inning where two runners on base and someone hit a home run to get 3 runs for the mariners and they won! Too bad i was in the bathroom with an upset stomach and missed it all!!!! Damn junk food!
After the game we headed to Jared's house where we met his dog and his friends. he then wanted us to head out to TIME OUT in Kirkland but i wasn't really feelin it (being the DD all night) plus Debbie was best to go home and try to sleep off the alcohol. So mat and i dropped Debbie off at her car and headed to The Rock where i was able to catch the missed part of the game on the TV and Mat and i shared buffalo wings (i only had 2 b/c the tummy still wasn't 100%)
over all it was an interesting night (i left out a few details to protect the innocent!)

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  1. Too funny!!! Oh yeah good times for sure...except the whole worse hangover EVER the next day at work....ugh stupid tequila!!!!! lol