Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Fun

Well Tuesday Laura, Debbie and I drove out to Leavenworth to go tubing. sadly Tara was missing in action because she wasn't feeling good but we made the most of it with her in our the drive took a little over 2 hrs after getting a bit of a delayed start. We made it there and boy was it hot by 11:30am after filling out the forms and paying out $15 we loaded into a van (Debbie had to sit on Laura's lap because there were so many people **butt sweat!**) we carried our tubes down a hill (i was pretty impressed Debbie was able to carry her own) and hoped in the water! it was pretty cold first getting in but you quickly got used to it and enjoyed it once the 90 degree weather was beating down on your skin. It took us about 2 and a half to 3 hrs to float all the way down. we didn't stop much because we had a time limit so Laura could get to her softball game and Debbie could get to her sisters birthday dinner. we gossiped and giggled. There were some creepy men who kept trying to be next to use. Laura flashed a guy and another was in love with her because of her tattoos.. too funny! All day Debbie's goal was to get a tan "are you tan yet Debbie?" and even on the car ride home she complained that she didn't get any color. well later that night she discovered that she was pretty badly sunburned! but at least she got some color eh?

Overall it a was really great relaxing day and totally worth spending most of the day in the car! we hope to go again with a bigger group of people and maybe camp in Laura's brothers back yard after wards!

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