Monday, July 20, 2009


Well i was on vacation for the last week and boy did i have a great time! Sunday night me and the girls left for the truller where we spend two nights and two days relaxing, playing card games (phase ten can get pretty intense!) We even grabbed some intertubes and floated in the lake even though the weather wasn't the best. We mostly just hung out and giggled like a bunch of girls! it was really nice. Unfortunately i didn't have my memory card in my camera and i can't find the cord to take the pics off my actually camera so i don't really have any pics besides the one's i took with my phone.

Wednesday i planned a fun day with mat so that we could make the most of the really nice weather. we drove up to northwest trek where we saw some cool animals (left my camera in the car so more phone pics) we had a ice pic nic lunch in the park. I have been wanting to go there for a long time so pretty exciting that we were able to go. After that park we drove over to Mt rainer where we did a bit of hiking (god damn i'm out of shape!) and then drove around a bit getting some great views!

Thursday i turned 25! I started my day off on a grand foot going to my doctors appointment. after that i was feeling pretty good about life. mat and i went and saw the new harry potter movie (i gotta say it wasn't my fav but it was good) then after the movie we changed and headed to dinner at Daniel's Broiler in Bellevue. it was a very very nice restraunt on the 21st floor of the Hyatt hotel. After our og so yummy dinner of ceasar salad, fillet minion and baked potatoe and desert of cheese cake and chocolate covered strawberries we headed to seattle for theater sports. We were early because we actually got a really great parking spot right in pikes place so we went to the Pikes brew company for a couple of drinks before the show. The show was so funny (a bunch on improve) My face hurt from laughing so hard! After that we headed back toward our home when we decided we wanted chips and salsa so we headed to our new fav Mexican restaurant in Bothell and got chips and salsa and some margaritas! it was a perfect end to a perfect day! Mat made turning 25 not so bad!

Friday we just sat around the house relaxing and trying to beat the heat (i heard it was the hottest day all week so good thing we staied indoors)

Saturday was my birthday party. Or my Quarter Life Crisis get together with friends as i liked to call it! First i got together with my girls and we all got pedicures together which was so nice to be able to do with all my best friends! After we headed back to my house where we met everyone else then headed to the Rock for dinner! we got buckets and split pizza. The Rock has got to be my all time favorite restraint it is just so much fun and they are so good with big groups. our waitress even split all our bills up separately! seriously it was a grand time! After that we headed back to my house where we played rock band and drank some more... there was some random almost hookups and A LOT of laughing. overall i have to say i think it was a successful birthday party. I'm glad i didn't allow myself my micromanage everything thing and so in turn i didn't stress or worry at all.

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