Saturday, August 1, 2009

a new tubing adventure gone wrong

Well on the day that Seattle reached record setting highs making it up to 105 degreees in some areas we Debbie and i decided we should go tubing! We decided on the Cedar River in Renton, WA. we picked up her little siblings Doug and Val and drove down to Debbie's house in Renton. After Debbie quickly changed and we picked up her husband Dan, we headed to grab some dinner and then to the river. We hadn't done a non-planned trip down a river and didn't really know what to exspect. We hopped into our tubed and started down the river. it was amazing how many people were already on the river, it must be a pretty popular place to go on hot days! we started off well like a little nervous because we were unfamiliar with the river. soon after we began we got separated from her 13 yr old brother Doug. then we had so many obsticals we had to get over and around. a couple times we had to go UNDER large trees that had fallen on over the river. everyone flipped their tube at least once. Debbie got caught in a current that brought her over to a tree that tipped her over, her tube went flying and Debbie went under. then she was stuck on a branch un able to move out of fear and she couldn't reach the bottom of the river. Val was able to get over to her and swim her back to safety. Debbie was pretty freaked out after that (understandably) but i am pretty proud that she made it through the rest of the trip pretty well even if i did have to hold onto her raft the whole time. after a few other ehausting moments we floated pretty calmly to the end of the river. we even past a house that was having a party. They had a sign up that said topless tubing only so guess what i did... i flashed them... it was a full on flash or anything but boy did they get a kick out of it! they were so happy their sign worked lol. All this time we still hadn't found Doug and were constantly asking people if they had seem him. quite a few people said they had seen him so we kept going and made it all the way to our car. once we got there we didn't find Doug! we were all pretty worried by this time because it was pretty much dark outside and we didn't really know what to do. we had all our phones in the other car so we quickly packed up our things and hopped in my car to drive back to our other car. as we were driving we were looking on the side of the road in hopes to spot Doug and lucky enough we did! he had been waiting for us for probably somewhere close to an hr. he was also smart enough to borrow peoples phones to call Debbie and Vals cell phone and left messages so even if we hadn't found him we would have.
Needless to say we will probably never float that river again and i don't think Debbie really enjoyed herself much but it was a great way to beat the heat!

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  1. lol it was fun and gave me great things to talk to Jared about...such as hitting myself in the head with a tree branch!!! It was definatly more fun after it was over and we were alive & Doug was safe though...and no probably not that river again!!