Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mountainview Blueberry Farm

Well my mom and grandma were planning on going blueberry picking and they called to invite me. lucky i had three days off in a row with nothing to do so i was more then a little happy that i was able to fill some of that time with my family. I met them at my moms house and we all piled in the car with my dad Jeff and we headed to the farm. Amazingly it was very far away. as we pulled up my grandmother was amazed at how many people were there and she was worried that all the blueberries would be gone... she is quite the dramatic lady like me! we got our buckets and followed the signs that said u pick area. when we first go there i was lost as to which were the best blueberries so i just picked everything that was blue. it turns out u should hunt for the biggest blueberries. i didn't have enough patience for that so i just grabbed handfuls of the berries and quickly my bucket was close to full. we spent about 30 minute picking blueberries and came out with quite a bit, so all the blueberries weren't gone.
When we checked out we also got a few recipes that we could try with out blueberries so i chose to make the blueberry crisp. i stopped at Safeway on my way home and bough all that i needed. it turned out really great and i ended up eating the whole thing by myself! mat's weird and didn't think it sounded good! his loss!

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