Monday, August 31, 2009

Laura's Bridal Shower

LAST Sunday was laura's bridal shower. her sister in law (and also bridesmaid) Tiffany threw it for her and did an absolutely amazing job at it! Kinda makes me nervous to throw the batchelorette party... it so won't be able to compare! She got the most amazing flower cupcakes to go with the luau theme. There were sandwiches and other yummy foods. it was fun to be able to meet the rest of laura's family. She also made out with A LOT of loot! i lost count on how many lingerie things she got. She also got a bunch of beach things that will go well for her honeymoon. My favorite part was that everyone brought a recipe card with an easy recipe for Laura to make!

I'm pretty sure the party was all she could have hopped for and i'm pretty sure she wasn't too embarrassed being the center of attention the whole time (she was worried about that beforehand)

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