Friday, August 21, 2009

early morning blogging

After working 10 days in a row i finally have the day off and guess what i woke up at 6 am... and that was after going to sleep at 2am. I'm hoping to catch a nap later today! Not really sure why i woke up but the reason i couldn't get back to sleep is because i was thinking about all the things i have to do. A lot for it has to do with the batchelorette party i am throwing and i don't even know why i feel like i have to get things done today because the party isn't for two weeks. i am pretty excited about the party and just hope it turns out as fabulous as i picture it being... i would love to spill my guts about all the plans but i know that the bride (HI LAURA!) reads my blog.

Also things i have to get done today is for the BBQ i decided to throw. No real reason just that we had a HUGE box of ribs in the freezer taking up too much space so i decided to cook them all up and call it a BBQ. i think it will pretty fun. I'm getting excited! But i have a lot of cooking to do for it. i also decided i wanted to make my grams famous Luau pork. that takes 4 hrs in the oven... then the ribs take 2-3 hrs in the oven as well... i plan to make the pork first then keep it warm in the crock pot while the ribs cook. i am trying to spend as little money as possible which is hard for me because i want to have everything. i would love to make my potato salad and mac and cheese and have beer and mikes and tons of chips and pop but i have decided i am only making the meats. everyone else can bring other things. This is hard for me as the controlling one i am.

Also more updates on my life i have started to see a shrink which is a new thing for me. i have always known some time in my life i would need to see one (with an alcoholic mom and an absent father) The reason i finally decided to go is when i decided i was depressed. it was getting in the way of my relationship with mat and my friends. I want to do everything in my power to have healthy mind set so i don't cause unnecessary drama and hopefully have a happy life. I started to see a lot of my mom in myself and as much as i love my mom that scared me. She has a lot of things in her past she has never dealt with and they seem to still haunt her. this is what i believe is why she drinks. i don't want to turn out dwelling on things in my life now when i am fifty years old. i want to look back on my life and be proud and smile at all the wonderful memories i have made!

Other then these things nothing else too exciting is going on. next week is a busy one because of the wedding shower, Tara and Kristin are moving two blocks from me (so damn excited!) i am spending the day with Laura, and then finally camping once again on Saturday night! So hopefully i will be blogging more often then i have been but we will see... I'm not making any promises

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  1. the bbq sounds fun, hope it turns out just how you want it to.
    I'm proud of you for seeking ways to improve your life and make sure you are healthy! It takes courage to do that.