Wednesday, August 19, 2009

finally getting around to it

Ok well i am finally putting my thinking cap on and i am going blog a little bit. i don't know what it is but when i sit down at the computer it seems so overwhelming to write out a blog. i think it is because i try to explain every detail of everything and so it takes time to think up things to write.

So let me tell you about our last camping trip to the truller. It was so nice because all my bestest girlfriends were able to come! it was Debbie's first time at the truller! this was also an exciting trip because Laura had just bought her own truller. Her truller isn't as big as her parents but it has a covered area as well as a very nice fire pit! we spent two nights and about two days there. it was not super sunny but nice enough that we were able to go ski dooing and swim nearly all day. i really enjoyed floating in an inter tube for hours with a mikes in my hand. it was really a relaxing trip. also a bit of Laura's family came up (her mom, bro sister in law and niece and nephew) They were fun to hang out with and who isn't entertained by babies... so cute!

Debbie was really enjoying herself as she walked along the dock with her bottle of Gin and her coke chaser. it was too funny to watch her surf on the dock, from the waves the ski doos made! she really enjoyed the peacefulness of the lake and ofter wondered off alone just to sit and look out over the lake. we of course made sure to check on her from time to time.

Over all it was a really great trip and it was nice to hang with all my girls and Laura's family. i love Tiffany (mother of two sex pot!) She is another bridesmaid with me for Laura's wedding. I discovered that she was younger then me and that made me a bit upset thinking she is already married with two kids! ggrrr! lol

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