Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Greatest bachelorette party EVER!

Well Saturday has come and gone and i have to say the Bachelorette party i threw for Laura turned out better then i could have imagined! It took a little time to be able to check into the hotel but with my life saver (Tara's) help we made it in. Then fortunately she was available to help me set up so we got everything set up in record time and boy did it look great!

We had enough time to get ourselves ready and then the guest started to arrive! There were less people then i had invited (i had to plan for 20 people coming b/c only one person RSVP'ed ggrrr!!!) but I'm happy about that because i don't know how many more people we would have been able to fit into this hotel room.

We began the night eating all the yummy food i had brought. Mini croissant sandwiches, fruit tray, penis pasta, penis shaped rice crispy treats, chips and salsa, popcorn, and my pantie pull down punch. We played three games... Pin the hose on the firemen, We stuffed marshmallows in our mouth and said fuzzy balls, and played truth or dare. we all also did blow job shots. She got a bunch of crazy dirty gifts that were fun to watch her open!

After the festivities in the hotel we headed out to hit the town! we first went to the club i had planned for us to go to... club venom... but once we got there we weren't feelin it at all (Asian invasion) Laura really wanted to go to cowgirls so we walked all the way to pioneer square (stopping at some other fun bars on the way) Once at cowgirls we had a blast! we got a ton of great pictures and truly just danced the night away!

we stayed till the bar closed and after while we waited for D's man to come pick her up we talked with a few guys and Debbie kissed i think it was 3 of them! too entertaining! also Laura got picked up... literally! finally to end the night we walked all the way back to our hotel stopping at Taco Del Mar or a late night munchie.

The next morning Laura and i met up with our men and went to the first Seahawks game of the season! we had great seats (about 7 rows up from the field) we were pretty tired and directly in the sun but we had a great time and i actually learned something about the game! next time i will have even more fun!

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